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  • ground has to give it out to take him down.

  • Eight on the shot clock.

  • Nice.

  • Good.

  • Not necessarily bad ball.

  • Side size started.

  • One.

  • Corn grow.

  • The other driver close out.

  • Get to the rim down to six.

  • Tatum fakes the three top down like you pointed out.

  • Quite some pretty good defense down time.

  • Good.

  • Came in the first quarter.

  • Got a bucket.

  • Two point game right now, down to with the ball, Unable to get by ground pretty well, but covers marketing.

  • Deflected defensive.

  • That's 71 Guy shoot threes and got back in two years.

  • Big, fast, strong good gathers at various step back to create space.

  • Space for Jason in transition.

  • Jayson Tatum throws it up looking.

  • Gordon Hayward, Rise up in the elevator.

  • The bench is raising the roof.

  • Time right here.

  • Gets all the way to the basket for two with 9/10 of a second on the clock.

  • What clothes?

  • Don't move!

  • Give it up!

  • By Donna, It was all messed up for.

  • Just get shot at his pace back.

  • Trying to use all right, their whole possession.

  • You couldn't have played this any better defensively in his airspace.

  • Clock running down and this is so far playing the year.

  • I mean, look at going into back.

  • Are you kidding me right now for the Celtics?

  • Win both Atlanta last night in Boston and tonight in Chicago who falls victim to box.

  • The Celtics won 11 to 1 of Florida's self was getting 25th win of the season.

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ground has to give it out to take him down.


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傑森-塔圖姆砍下28分,在對陣公牛隊的比賽中挺身而出|2019-20賽季NBA集錦------。 (Jayson Tatum drops 28 points, comes through in the clutch vs. Bulls | 2019-20 NBA Highlights)

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