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  • a round on the bounce.

  • Highly defending basket go and full of three himself with a shot taking passes up to shop to cater.

  • Two on, I'd say 80% of the time nobody finds him.

  • Block him out.

  • Take him right to the basket for two.

  • Scoring will here Brown explode to the basket.

  • Speed a double team six on the shot clock.

  • That was a long paternal Tatum Rose.

  • I should have got called for the foul.

  • 25 turnovers in this game, right?

  • These two teams in the first half turnover ground well, that Jaylen Brown and move the ball nicely on the break.

  • He gets the three in the corner.

  • No, makes the steal and guess what Pulls up around step back.

  • Three clock winding down.

  • He knows it gets a dictator.

  • It just keeps going to the basket for two.

  • Read the defense perfectly.

  • Chasing Kate.

  • Amount to half court now backs off.

  • Step away.

  • Three.

  • A little bit of a problem with his right hand.

  • Show it all five on the shot clock.

  • Open man Brown fakes to three.

  • Gets the floater.

  • Come on, tackles.

  • Having fun here seems getting up with him in the game.

  • People cheering background coaches way game Gonna play against Maker 18 rebounds can make you look like a little kid way back.

  • Way back with works His way frees up shooting hand 1 14 93 Fire.

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a round on the bounce.


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