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  • Gawad Len.

  • It is not, but I mean at a sac religious That is blasphemous.

  • You should have your basketball cards stripped from you, so why let it is not.

  • But he ain't better than Kevin Durant.

  • Let me be very clear, because I'm thinking this khweis land.

  • This is what landed him last year when you said the Greek freak was better than and I agree free, I said, That's gonna prove who's noted that you said that when the series started.

  • But prior to my prediction was, the freak would be too much physically, and I was right now, now, Kawai Leonard in my view.

  • And I wasn't alone before he got hurt when he was in San Antonio, was second to LeBron.

  • LeBron was king.

  • Kawai was the number one contender.

  • I know that that put me in the minority, but not like it was crazy.

  • There were plenty of people who agreed the number one contender wasn't KD wasn't a d wasn't whoever else it was Kawai.

  • Then he got hurt and people kind of forgot about him.

  • Then he got healthy, so they got what he reminded the world that was he was coming from the throne now.

  • So next television It forgot about Kawai.

  • Let it.

  • But they remembered.

  • Do played at the Smoothie King Arena.

  • Stop it!

  • Nobody was there.

  • Anthony Davis is one of the top five players on the planet Earth.

  • This dude is better that Kawai unleaded LeBron is better than Kowal, and Kevin Durant is better than a while in our local while in its top five.

  • But I'm telling, you know, three.

  • A little teeny Kawai is fourth.

  • All right, Paul George.

  • He's days in the conversation is one of the better for one of the best players in the NBA.

  • He is a star in this league, but we're talking Super Snow first offense.

  • Kawai Leonard's offense is 1/4 step below some of the people you mentioned.

  • Unless the chips are on the line on that is offenses, knows anyone.

  • You got me.

  • There is only God.

  • Why let a defense is 80.

  • My bad.

  • He was playing at the Smoothie King Arena.

  • They won in the plans a couple of times that he wasn't a player.

  • He averaged 30 By the way, We have a team with him, but I have anything against a listen What?

  • You're not gonna get everything.

  • A 80 is not only gonna be playing in the Staples Center this year, he'll be wearing the purple and gold, a franchise you called the most storied franchise.

  • If basketball history, Molly wants no excuses, you say no shoes is when Kawai Leonard wins his third wiles and when he does with his 13 I want to hear your team.

  • He has Patrick.

  • I want you to give it a go ahead.

  • No excuses.

  • I love Kowal entities big time.

  • But he 14th in the world way Go, LeBron James.

  • Now because, you know, but to honor in the history of the game instead of number one, I'm disrespecting you that way.

  • Sets it it like that Now call while in the top five in the world.

  • I ain't District wanted to know why they would be the final Stop it.

  • Stop it.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN or YouTube.

Gawad Len.


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