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  • Toronto has been absolutely on fire all night long.

  • Doris Burke joins us now out in the middle of it.

  • And Doris, this rapture team rose to meet the level of this city that has been waiting nearly what quarter century for a night like tonight.

  • How do you best describe the atmosphere and what the Raptors gave them?

  • Well, I'll begin with the atmosphere, and I have seen it on Twitter and I've heard Mark Jackson address this.

  • I have never seen or felt, and neither have many people associated with the N B.

  • A.

  • Finals felt the level of excitement across the board inside the building in the city since we arrived in Toronto.

  • So the atmosphere has been absolutely special.

  • They have met the moment.

  • And how about these Toronto Raptors?

  • I'm gonna begin on the defensive side of the floor because they have been the number two defense throughout the playoffs.

  • They're long, they're athletic, they have speed.

  • They're excellent communicators.

  • I thought defensively they were brilliant.

  • And how about young past Galaxy?

  • After 25 years of age from to the playoffs, no problems got.

  • He was spectacular.

  • And those were the two key points I wanted to ask you about, because defense is where I think you have to start because of what they were able to do to this lethal Golden State offense.

  • How much of this is the type of thing that Steve Kerr in that group can react to?

  • Moving forward?

  • Well, there was a time out late in the basketball game, and the advantage, distinctly in transition went to the Raptors.

  • And Steve Kerr, in no uncertain terms, said.

  • We spoke about this for five days.

  • It is the N B A Finals.

  • The first point of our defense is getting back in transition, so there are some obvious things that they can correct.

  • Getting back in transition is, is one of them, isn't it fascinating, though Scott like one of the things that out of the gates it was eye popping that your stars Kawai, Leonard, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson.

  • They couldn't get their rhythm and couldn't get going.

  • It was other people around them.

  • But say this to you.

  • The Raptors have gotta feel great.

  • I get had the sense that this team respected the champs, but they did not fear them.

  • Now that's well put, and it was evident.

  • And look you mentioned spicy PC aacm comes out.

  • He and Gasol combined for more than 50.

  • Gasol has got a decade in the game.

  • Siaca, MSA sent, continues, and he's not slowing down.

  • In fact, he's finding another gear.

  • What do you make of the level that he is capable of?

  • What I am struck by is his countenance and his demeanor, because the moment is not too big.

  • He's only 25 years of age.

  • And again, this is a young man who told me he was so frustrated and embarrassed that he could not play in the Siri's last year.

  • He walks into Nick, Nurses says, I need to fix my shot.

  • Well, not only fixes a shop, but he's able to get off the dribble.

  • Drive consistently.

  • I must say this.

  • How impressive was Marc Gasol, both in two ways of Jeff.

  • Van Gundy made noted this in those pick and rolls and out near half court that are so problematic that big man at his age and this deep in his career, is playing out there and protecting the paint.

  • Incredibly impressive.

  • 20 points on the offense, November 1 thing I'm with you what he did on the half court defense and coming out and challenging that pick and roll something Tim Legler and I were talking about earlier.

  • When my I see the same thing is your eyes, that makes me feel good.

  • It's great to talk to you.

  • We'll talk to you again after Game two.

  • Thanks, guys.

Toronto has been absolutely on fire all night long.


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多麗絲-伯克。猛龍尊重勇士,但 "他們並不懼怕他們"|SC與SVP合作 (Doris Burke: Raptors respected the Warriors, but 'they did not fear them' | SC with SVP)

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