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  • first of two meetings.

  • The Nets and the Spurs Nets in transition in Woody hoisted up and nails it a triple big time start.

  • Fourth and next.

  • They were getting some early shots that were very off their first minutes.

  • Now start down.

  • It was 12 to Nets.

  • Now it's 12 4 Dipsy do Spencer Dinwiddie Remember of 2018?

  • Pull up counted.

  • Spencer did one from downtown.

  • He's locked in and you could tell it in his shots.

  • His decision making, even on some of those drive springs on the bench for San Antonio didn't when he turns the corner.

  • Takes it all the way for two is just blowing past his own defender.

  • And whoever is at the rim has got no shot.

  • There, particularly, didn't step back.

  • Three.

  • Bullseye Spencer didn.

  • T is locked and loaded, inefficient at his ball, handling Gen.

  • Witty off the window.

  • Spencer Dinwiddie the scoop toe.

  • The Nets have matched their largest lead well.

  • Carol has seen action in just 11 games a season.

  • Did what he hangs.

  • Heads.

  • What field?

  • Spencer Dinwiddie off the glass, storing in a multitude away from around jump shot a guy like Joe down with his size and Lake still can't do much about it.

  • Did what He cans it from long range.

  • Spencer Dinwiddie.

  • A downtown hit.

  • Let's get into it with Dean Witter.

  • The penetration.

  • Jared Allen Hook.

  • Known 10 20 in the right spot for the offensive board on it, in off the window.

  • Normally, it's the other way around.

  • Go through.

  • Get him the ball back.

  • You like the fact in Would he recognise backdoor for dead witty and did what he goes down?

  • Did what?

  • He's sitting there.

  • San Antonio has taken a time out.

  • Nine to shoot cross, Didn't he?

  • Drive?

  • Floater goes Spencer Dinwiddie.

  • A chance at a three point play.

  • And what a crucial finished Just isolate up Marco Belinelli rocks, Um, A little bodies into it.

  • What?

  • He handles it against Murray.

  • I didn't many banks.

  • It home.

  • Spencer What he can do?

  • No wrong.

  • Then he saves it for dinner.

  • Did.

  • When he penetrates to the rim, the flip goes Spencer Woody taking it to the rack.

  • 13 in the quarter.

  • 39 overall prison winning.

  • And it doesn't matter how much contact he's drawn, getting body his finished so well.

  • And now Kenny Atkinson will send in five subs with 103 to play.

  • Spencer Dinwiddie, a Career night 41 points, also had five assists.

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first of two meetings.


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丁威迪在籃網VS馬刺的比賽中得到生涯最高的41分|2019-20賽季NBA集錦。 (Dinwiddie notches career high 41 points in Nets vs. Spurs | 2019-20 NBA Highlights)

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