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  • sounds come up with a steal on the second effort, beginning to Walker.

  • Takes it underneath to again.

  • No.

  • Sure, that's a great Tommy.

  • Another steal by Boston Walker in the past that I got attacked by Kevin Walker.

  • States Tatum comes in and kicks it back outside.

  • Take him for three.

  • Decision by tights.

  • Finds the Open man and paid him.

  • Knocks down the three.

  • It's in his own time.

  • Out by Tanta Rolling to the basket comes the other way to Wanamaker.

  • Knocks down.

  • I want to make a ticket to the basket.

  • Time challenges and get you to run this place.

  • Picking apart big defense under a minute.

  • Take him for three.

  • Oh, now with 10 green and not making Ellington defend basic being aggressive against his own.

  • Smith on Tatum this time.

  • Sounds nice.

  • One too tight, so smart.

  • Get back out, Tatum.

  • Get court.

  • It's on now.

  • Loses porters.

  • Varies shift.

  • Dictator is working out right now, like going against coaches there.

  • Take him again.

  • Chased by reporters, Tatum rises up on sticks free.

  • I'm telling you, in the summer time working out it is he's got 17 1st half points inside Tatum.

  • Fall away too.

  • Second double take smooth.

  • Exactly.

  • With great job.

  • You skipped it for.

  • Step away with 2 26 to get around and make it three three on two.

  • Skip into the corner, back to Walker.

  • He's gonna take it.

  • He's gonna make it way.

  • Knicks call a time out.

  • Get that 31 knocks.

  • Misses the three on that's gonna do it.

  • Celtics Theo.

  • Greatest game in the world for with this afternoon there.

  • One for over with Knicks way back to wrap it up just a bit.

  • Big afternoon.

  • Evening for that young man.

  • One for the final score.

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sounds come up with a steal on the second effort, beginning to Walker.


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傑森-塔圖姆為凱爾特人VS尼克斯得分30分|2019-20賽季NBA精彩瞬間 (Jayson Tatum scores 30 for Celtics vs. Knicks | 2019-20 NBA Highlights)

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