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  • Okay.

  • I have just arrived to a place where everyone around me has red hair.

  • Yes.

  • Human Ireland.

  • Almost 10% of the entire population has read hair.

  • That's one out of 10 people.

  • This is the second highest percentage in the world.

  • But red hair wasn't always a good thing.

  • Hundreds of years ago, people thought redheads where witches They used to be persecuted, imprisoned, killed or burned alive simply for having red hair simply for being different in 2000 and 18.

  • We all know this is crazy talk.

  • I'm not a witch.

  • This'll experience has taught me that every time we discriminate against another human, either today or 500 years ago, we are wrong.



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紅頭髮的國家! (The Country With Red Hair!)

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