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  • and we'll see what people will say.

  • The fish would be money teaching How to fish would be guaranteed job interview.

  • So Day seven is over and I'm not gonna share much.

  • You'll see soon.

  • But here's what we want.

  • Good morning, Day seven.

  • Question is what would you choose?

  • Free money or a guarantee job?

  • This guy's the president of the Student council of the University of Nairobi.

  • He's the reason the universities closed.

  • I want to give you 1000 right now.

  • You take it.

  • How do you go?

  • You're gon I never see you again.

  • It's literally free money.

  • Or I could give you a guarantee job interview with a company called Duma.

  • Results will be in a different That's one minute.

and we'll see what people will say.


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A2 初級

第七天:免費的錢還是工作? (Day 7: Free Money or a Job?!)

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