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  • Hi.

  • Please try this at home.

  • I'm going to host a dinner party for my friends, but this dinner party is a little bit different.

  • See, each one of my friends has to pay $50 toe enter and when they pay me $50 they'll be randomly given a meal.

  • One of them will get a very fancy meal with a drink, utensils on a table with chairs.

  • Others will only get a fast food meal and there will be seated on the ground and the unlucky ones will get a handful of rice and be seated outside on the grass to eat it.

  • Each one of these people will have paid the same for their meal.

  • Now I know the first thing to come to your mind.

  • This is a new it is the old paint the same.

  • But some got better meals than others.

  • As unfair as this process looks, it's an accurate representation off the world wear all born as equal human beings.

  • But we are not born equal circumstances.

  • This'll meal represents your life.

  • If you were born in Madagascar Ah, country that is one off the poorest in the world where you won't have access to much food, Internet or security.

  • This meal represents your life.

  • If you were born in Mexico, Ah, country that is richer than Madagascar with middle class income but far from being rich.

  • And this meal represents your life.

  • If you were born here in Utah, United States, where everyone makes an average of $65,000 lives in nice homes with no fear of war, famine or civil war.

  • No one can choose where they are born or how much money they are born with its cold, frivolous and everyone is born with it, some more than others, including me.

  • The point of this dinner is not to attack or punish the lucky ones or look down and pity the unlucky ones It is Toe open your eyes to the idea that your meal came to you by no choice off yours that some of your success and some of my success came to us by no choice off hours.

  • And that is the game oflife from a simple dinner table simulation that you can have at your home.

  • So let us all work for a future where everyone can have this type of meal for dinner.



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最不公平的晚餐 (The Most Unfair Dinner)

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