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  • meet Takato.

  • My name's Cujo.

  • I want to beat Google.

  • Taco is a smart guy from Japan, just like Google.

  • He built a search engine.

  • You type what you want and it shows you results in your email.

  • After three days that failed women just like Google Glass.

  • He put you, move your hand and it controls your devices.

  • But Google us was better and he's ring failed.

  • Then he built a translator.

  • But unlike Google, translate, it doesn't need.

  • Internet is portable fast, and it works, especially when you trouble.

  • Yes, and he convinced the Japanese government toe.

  • Help him make it better.

  • The car was spent six years trying to compete with Google, but for the first time in his life, this guy might actually have a shot at winning.

meet Takato.


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他想打敗谷歌 (He Wants To Beat Google)

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