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  • English is hard.

  • I know if you can speak English, you think it's easy.

  • But if you're a beginner, English actually makes no sense.

  • For example, the word listen has a D, but you write it as listing.

  • No.

  • Has a K Salmon has an L yacht is not Yash or Yeah, it's got and good luck spelling the word constitutional.

  • As you can tell, English is hard and Chinese is even harder.

  • It has 50,000 unique characters, each describing one word.

  • So for beginners, this looks impossible.

  • But I just learned about a language that is different.

  • It has the easiest alphabet in the world, and it's one you'll never be able to guess.

  • It's the color free.

  • In 500 years ago, Korean language used to be written in Chinese.

  • Then one king said that this is too hard.

  • No one is reading or writing anymore.

  • So he came up with a new alphabet that you can learn change.

  • One hour.

  • Oh, my goodness.

  • Instead of complicated Chinese letters, his alphabet looks like your mouth.

  • When you say I am, your mouth looks like a rectangle.

  • So this is the character, and when you say, Oh, your mouth is around.

  • So this is Oh, and this is SG K out all based on your mouth and throat shape instead of 28 alphabets.

  • There was only 24 instead off you are He is she is there was on Lee It is instead of silent letters.

  • Now you right exactly what you say This is not what you see is exactly what you mean.

  • No more crazy spellings.

  • No more long words, no more crazy, weird characters.

  • This is the hung goal, help of it.

  • And it quickly became the official alphabet in Korea.

  • That's how millions off Koreans started reading and writing more because the language became easier.

  • And that's also how I was able to read Korean in less than an hour so I could walk down the street and read the signs in a language I never understood before.

  • So much meat street insane.

  • Don't get me wrong.

  • The language itself is still very hard.

  • How do you say, What's your name?

  • It'll mean more year war.

  • But writing and reading it has become incredibly easy.

  • I love this alphabet I'm getting with locals now, one hushing *** because it is exactly what the world needs simpler ways to read simpler ways to write simpler ways to communicate.

  • Language is supposed to break barriers, not to create them so we can finally share this world with every culture.

  • See you next week.

English is hard.


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