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  • boiling river, Christmas fights and potatoes.

  • I have been to 75 countries in my life, but there is one country that I would say is the craziest off them all.

  • And not enough people talk about it.

  • This is the story off that country.

  • Welcome to thing is life Before Coleman.

  • 19.

  • Travel Siri's When I show you the world Before Cove in 19 for you to enjoy from your couch.

  • Peru is different because the people here are crazy, passionate, passionate about their dances, their culture and their country.

  • But above all, they're passionate about.

  • Peru is the home off potatoes.

  • They have 4000 types of potatoes with so many colors, so many shapes and so many tastes, they are proud of it.

  • People are so crazy about food that their language is named after it.

  • In Peru, calling someone an avocado means they are embarrassing.

  • Calling them lentils means they're slow.

  • Carrot means they are innocent, and pineapple means it's not just people that you will love in Peru.

  • It's also nature.

  • You go to the Amazon jungle deep down into the forest, on Lee to see this river, the world's only boiling river.

  • It so naturally hot.

  • You can fry an actual egg on top of it and make tea just from its water.

  • This'll boiling river you can only find in Peru and these beautiful remains you can only find in Peru Macho pizza the most famous breathtaking destination in the entire country.

  • And last but not least, in Karu, I saw the craziest inventors like this skin Jose, who at the age of 12 started a really bank with its own debit card, customers, employees and legal paperwork.

  • The first in the world I started by a que and so crazy a Peruvian scientists was able to clean his leg and turn it from this to this by inventing his own organic solution that cleans water.

  • It's as crazy as it looks.

  • I've only been to Peru once for two weeks, and it blew my mind from its people to its nature, to its traditions.

  • Before Cove in 19.

  • It was amazing.

  • And after covert 19 it will be even more.

  • See you next week.

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boiling river, Christmas fights and potatoes.


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最瘋狂的國家 (The Craziest Country)

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