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  • Hi.

  • I'm going to state the obvious way.

  • Both love to travel, but for one of us, travel is much, much harder.

  • When I travel, I walk down the street, day or night.

  • No problem.

  • As a girl, I walk down the street and get stares and catcalls, and during the night I wouldn't even go out online.

  • Almost every message I get shows interest in me at the person.

  • Almost every message I get shows interest in me as an object I wear on Lee this T shirt everywhere around the world and it's acceptable everywhere.

  • She can't wear this every day because she'll be called Sloppy.

  • Now she's asking for attention.

  • Now she's easy.

  • There are different standards for men and for women, and when it comes to travel, the differences are glaring.

  • I feel lucky to travel wherever, do whatever and meet whoever with no fears and feel sad for half the population that doesn't have it is easy.

  • That's one minute.

  • See you tomorrow.



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婦女旅行時 (When Women Travel)

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