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  • This is carbon, it's worthless and this is pressure.

  • If you put pressure on carbon, it will turn to diamonds.

  • In chemistry, pressure makes diamonds that is effect.

  • And now there's a different kind of pressure on humans.

  • Medical and financial pressure.

  • Because off Koven, people are losing money, companies going bankrupt states, killing democracy and people losing their lives.

  • And when you see all of this, you get discouraged, you lose hope and you want to give up.

  • No one knows what's gonna happen in the future.

  • I don't you don't But I, for one, am optimistic because humans work the same way chemistry does.

  • If you're pressure humans, they create diamonds.

  • You can see that all around you.

  • Because of cold pressure, we started to value healthcare workers.

  • And Canada is giving essential workers a pay raise.

  • Finally, because off Corbyn pressure, education is getting cheaper, more affordable and more accessible online because of public pressure.

  • People are working from home with their loved ones.

  • They spend more time here and not here because of Corbett pressure.

  • New Zealand eradicated the virus and is now looking to eradicate H.

  • I V next, and scientists are creating a vaccine in months, not years.

  • This was considered impossible before because off Corbett pressure the environment is getting arrest.

  • Carbon levels are decreasing worldwide, and we are realizing what our priorities are If you look at the history books.

  • Every time there was pressure, humans created diamonds.

  • When we had the Cold War pressure scientists literally raised to create technology toe put us on the moon.

  • When we had the World War two pressure production went through the roof and everyone came together.

  • Toe never repeat war.

  • That is how the European Union was created off.

  • These improvements would happen if we didn't go through pressure.

  • So as we get ready to welcome life after covert 19 I am optimistic we will come back stronger than ever.

  • It will take years.

  • It will be painful.

  • But remember, a worthless carbon molecule turns into diamond only under pressure.

  • So let us use Corbett 19 to create more lockdowns over.

  • I'm out of here and I'll see you next.

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This is carbon, it's worthless and this is pressure.


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