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  • The SUV behind me may look like almost any other on the market, but it has no less than

  • three motors, and has recently become the most popular alternative fuel car in the UK,

  • racking up more than 10,000 sales. This is the Outlander PHEV plug-in hybrid,

  • which utilises a petrol engine, two electric motors and a large battery pack, which you

  • can charge up at home. Because of this, it has an official fuel consumption figure of

  • 148mpg and offers company car drivers' great savings on their tax bill thanks to 44g/km

  • CO2 emissions. Press this start button, and a series of gauges

  • come to life, with a green 'Ready' indicator letting the driver know the Outlander is ready

  • to go. Squeeze the throttle and you can make smooth and near silent progress, which gives

  • the PHEV a rather premium feel. Depending which driving mode you're in, the electric

  • motor can power the front wheels right up to the national speed limit, for a maximum

  • of around 30 miles. Charging takes around 5 hours from a standard 13amp socket, 3.5

  • hours from a 16amp home charger or 30 minutes for an 80% fast charge at a services.

  • If you want to save the battery power for later in your journey, this button maintains

  • the battery charge until you need it. But, in normal driving, both the 2.0-litre petrol

  • and electric motors juggle power to optimum effect. The Outlander will accelerate from

  • 0-62mph in 11.7 seconds, which is around a second slower than the equivalent diesel,

  • but a smooth automatic gearbox and reassuring surge of power, means it feels quick enough.

  • In terms of driving fun, the PHEV is definitely a cruiser, with a reasonably comfortable ride

  • and very quiet cabin. But, the steering has a springy feel off centre, and the Outlander

  • feels its weight in sharp corners, so it's not a car to relish driving enthusiastically.

  • Instead, it's more satisfying to try and beat your best economy run or use the six

  • levels of regenerative braking to slow the car and put charge in the battery, without

  • touching the brakes. Like most SUVs, the Outlander has good visibility

  • thanks to its high driving position and large windows. The front seats are comfortable,

  • but don't offer too much lateral support in corners. There's a mixture of materials

  • in here, from the plush leather steering wheel in the GX3, to the leather seats in the GX4

  • trim and extended leather trim in the range-topping GX5h, but the quality of the plastics and

  • controls around the cabin does fall short of the best rivals.

  • But, the infotainment system, while still a bit aftermarket looking, is the best we've

  • experienced in a Mitsubishi and provides reams of information about how the hybrid systems

  • are working and plenty of connectivity options. There's also plenty of space, with lots

  • of head room and keen room for front and rear passengers. The 463-litre boot is only slightly

  • smaller than the standard Outlander, but the rear electric motor does mean it's not available

  • with the optional third row of kids seats. And, if you're wondering where the charging

  • cable is, it lives tucked away in here. Mitsubishi has deservedly had great success

  • with the PHEV, because for the same price as a diesel, you can have a quiet, well-equipped

  • and potentially very cheap to run SUV. We also think the relaxed power delivery of a

  • plug-in hybrid works particularly well in this type of vehicle, which isn't trying

  • to be an eco warrior and sporty hatchback all at once.

  • Charged each night, the Outlander could see an average commuter's fuel bills slashed.

  • But, as Mitsubishi says, drive more than 106 miles each day, and the gains over a diesel

  • are lost. So, the Outlander PHEV suits those with a reasonable daily commute and access

  • to a socket, and business drivers looking for a large vehicle with a small tax bill.

The SUV behind me may look like almost any other on the market, but it has no less than


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2015年三菱歐藍德PHEV評測--車鑰匙。 (Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 2015 review - Car Keys)

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