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  • Tell me what's going on.

  • Some of the issues that I'm having

  • because I'm home during quarantine is that

  • I have more time to think, which means, like,

  • a lot of my old OCDs are coming back to me.

  • I'm very stressed out because

  • I just need my space. I need to go outside.

  • I usually go outside to distract myself

  • so I don't, like, focus on, like, you know

  • my problems and right now it's, like,

  • they're all coming back.

  • It's just hard. I haven't slept in 48 hours right now

  • because I've been too stressed out.

  • Nothing else to do but be on social media,

  • so I check every day, get stressed out

  • read some things I don't want to read.

  • What your saying is your OCD is more

  • focused on the old stuff. Everything that you used to be

  • focused on and it's not now worrying

  • so much about the virus. It's just about the old stuff.

  • The new stuff, obviously... stressed out...

  • My mom stresses me out so much

  • and she thinks one way and I just think another way.

  • My mom is like a clean freak.

  • Like, all she does is clean.

  • I'm not saying that I'm not cautious.

  • She's just a little bit too much.

  • But you understand that there's a virus, right?

  • And there's a reality now, which people

  • are trying to protect themselves from getting sick. -Yes.

  • What happens is that my mom is, like, overly obsessed

  • with what's going on right now and

  • I need my space because

  • she's okay with being in a house and, like, locked in.

  • Because she doesn't have the thoughts that I have,

  • but I just feel like I'm so, like,

  • I'm just so closed here and I just I feel like

  • I need to run away.

  • Like, I can't take it anymore.

  • Like, I'm going insane.

  • It's just me and myself and my OCD alone

  • and that's the worst case I could ever have

  • and I hate it.

  • Now everyone is feeling this way.

  • Like, a lot of people are struggling with a lot

  • of fear and anxiety, right?

  • Yeah.

  • So hear me out on this.

  • First of all you guys have to calm down

  • a little bit and work together better, okay?

  • Second is, Lele, there is a reality out there.

  • And I know that sometimes when it's real

  • it doesn't seem real to you,

  • but this one is pretty real, right?

  • So you have to follow the guidelines.

  • We don't know how long it's gonna take for

  • all of you and all of us to get out of the house,

  • but the entire world's going through this.

  • Everyone is afraid.

  • Everybody's anxious.

  • You guys are going to have to talk.

  • We have to stay safe,

  • but we need to work together.

  • You can't control what's happening out there,

  • but we can control how we manage it.

  • Use your strategies. Use your skills.

  • You got it.

  • You're gonna get through this.

  • All right? Hang in there.

  • [music]

Tell me what's going on.


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