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  • Rob If you've got an exam approaching, it's good

  • to know what to expect so that nothing comes as a surprise on the day. An exam is not just

  • a test of your English; it's a test of your exam skills. Our top tips will hopefully get

  • you thinking about what you need to do.

  • Long before the day of your exam you need to be revising, and as part of this it's

  • a very good idea to do lots of test papers, or practice exams. Then you'll know what

  • to expect in the real exam. You should start working on past exam papers to find out what

  • you need to know and what you should be working towards.

  • Obviously, if you want to do well, you need a good exam technique. Timing is very important.

  • So, by doing test papers - or mock exams - in the same amount of time that you'll have

  • for the real examwill help you get your timing right for each question. It's best

  • to spend the most time on whatever question has the most marks.

  • Another thing to be aware of when trying out test exam papers is the instructions. Pay

  • attention to exactly what you're asked to dothen there'll be no surprises on the

  • day! As the exam day approaches, don't panic! You need to get yourself in the right frame

  • of mind, and that you have a clear head. This student has the right advice

  • Student One day before, I try to relax - don't repeat

  • anything, because then I'm really confused. So I just go and I think OK it's once, it

  • will be only two hours, and then I'm free.

  • Rob So don't get too tired or too worried. You'll

  • also need to get organised for the exam itself. Remember to take all of the materials that

  • you'll need. And often you need to take a form of identification with you.

  • Finally, get some good sleep and then arrive at the exam venue in plenty of time, so you

  • that can find out where the room is, what you need to do ahead of time, and get yourself

  • something to drink or eat. If you've done the work and you're prepared you'll be fine.

  • Good luck!

Rob If you've got an exam approaching, it's good


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考試技巧。6個備考技巧 (Exam skills: 6 tips for getting ready for your exams)

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