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  • The time has come!


  • For me to lend my infinite, perfect wisdom


  • on this planet.

    這個世界 (΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵)

  •, the game of would you rather?,一個選出你會選擇...?的遊戲

  • That's right. We're doing another episode of this

    沒綽 我們要做另一集這個了

  • on my own free will


  • not because I saw someo- some other youtuber

    絕不是因為我看到其 其他youtuber

  • recently make a video about it


  • And I'm like


  • "Yeah those used to get pretty good views.


  • Maybe I'll make another one of those"


  • But you should be thanking me


  • Okay?


  • My morals are absolutely perfect


  • Okay, let's begin this stupid game. Okay


  • Would you rather become a superhero or become a supervillain. To be fair,


  • there's no cool supervillain. There's very few of them. They always make them so lame

    公平的說,沒有那種很酷的超級惡棍阿 真的超少的 他們看起來總是很智障

  • I think that's the problem with superhero movies these days. Is just the villains are so lackluster. Back in the day, you know Joker, Bane

    我想應該是近期超級英雄電影的問題 惡棍們整個沒戲 以前 你知道的小丑阿 班恩阿

  • Badasses, you know, what are they now?

    混蛋,你懂吧 他們現在怎樣了?

  • Sergeant birdman


  • sergeant


  • squad Fam Bird


  • Turtle man


  • cat killer


  • Nah, I'll become a superhero, easy. Moving on

    不了,我會當超級英雄,簡單 繼續吧

  • oh and please do


  • Leave your comments and thoughts in the comments in the comment section.


  • Would you rather be able to fly or be able to breathe underwater?


  • What do you think I'm some sort of fucking fish? Do I look like a fish to you? If I can fly,


  • then that means no effort, okay?


  • At least that's how I look at flying. If i- flying means I have to do this all the fucking time, then nah, fam

    至少這是我這樣看待飛行的 在飛的時候我必須他馬無時無刻都做這個動作ㄟ

  • I don't want to fly. Okay, I'll take the breathing underwater

    謝謝免了 我不想要飛好嗎 我要選可以在水下呼吸

  • I'll take the option where I don't have to put any effort, but if flying just means "Hey, I would like to go there" *Bzzz*

    我要選那個不用出任何力的選項 但如果選飛可以變成"嘿,我想去那裡" *瞬移*

  • I'll take it. Thank you. Easy!

    我才會選吧 謝謝,甘丹啦

  • Can you get me some tiff- difficult questions please? This is too easy.

    可以給我一些更ㄎㄨㄣ...困難的題目嗎? 這太甘丹了

  • Would you rather never be able to make a compliment?


  • *thinks*


  • This is the easiest one I ever heard


  • Why would I want to make a compliment? I'm trying to wrap my head around- never be able to compliment

    為啥我會想稱讚人家呢 我實在想不透ㄟ-永遠不能稱讚人

  • *thinks again*


  • That.. supposed to be a bad thing? I don't.. Or never be able to complain. Well I think the choice is pretty obvious

    那個....會是不好的事嗎?我不....還是永遠不能抱怨 恩我覺得選擇很明選吧

  • *laugh*


  • What?!


  • *surprised*


  • What?!


  • What are you, pussy boys?! 77% don't want to complain?! What are you, fucking b-b-g

    你們這些小孬孬 77%選了不能抱怨?! 你們這些大-大-

  • Gay? You never want to complain? Okay well then you can't complain about this: you're a little bitch. How about that

    GAY?你永遠不想抱怨嗎? 好吧那你不能抱怨這個 妳這小婊子 安抓阿

  • Are you going to complain about it? You can't

    你要抱怨了嗎? 哩美賽啦 ʅ(´◔౪◔)ʃ

  • Jesus Christ


  • Would you rather never have sex again or never learn anything new?


  • Well again, the choice is obvious. Masturbation

    恩又來囉,選擇超明選吧 尻尻阿

  • Does that count as sex? I change my mind. I change my miiiiind!

    那也算是做愛嗎? 我改變心意了 我改變心意了~~~~~!

  • Fuck you. Would you rather be visited by Ancient Aliens or

    去你的勒 你會選擇被古外星人邀請還是

  • by mole p- what the fuck is mole people?


  • Is that even a question? That's-

    那算是個問題嗎? 那-

  • *laughs*


  • Great, great. That's like asking someone

    好喔,太棒了 這就像問某人

  • "Hey,


  • would you rather meet the president or this homeless man?


  • I will be visited by the mole people.


  • The people living in our dirt and ground instead of the ancient aliens that can borrow u- that can borrow to us

    就是住在我們的土和地下的人而不是可以借你- 可以借你古科技的外星人唷

  • Ancient technology, which y- could save humanity. No, thank you. I would like the mole people. I'll pick the mole people."

    就是你可以救人類的那種 不謝了 我比較喜歡鼠人" 我要選鼠人

  • Would you rather be part of a real giraffe?


  • Would you rather be part of a real Jurassic park scenario or be part of a real day-after-tomorrow scenario?


  • Jurassic Park. It's like, "Would you like to be cold for a couple hours or would you like to be eaten by a badass dinosaur?"

    侏儸紀公園 這就像是 "你會選擇受凍好幾小時還是被一隻混蛋恐龍吃掉"一樣

  • I'll- I'll take the dinosaur. Would you rather glue your eyes shut with Superglue or

    我-我會選恐龍好嗎 你會選擇用強力膠把眼睛黏起來還是

  • spill hot glue over your naked lap? Easy

    灑熱熔膠在你裸露的膝蓋? 簡單

  • Spill a hot glue over my naked lap. I've done it a couple times. It's a very sexually pleasuring experience

    灑熱熔膠在我裸露的膝蓋 這個我做過好幾次了 那是個蠻性愉悅的經驗

  • I did it once by accident, and then I'm like, "Huh, that was pretty good." Would you rather live in a homeless shelter

    我有次偶然弄到 然後我就像是"痾,那蠻棒的欸"

  • with internet acces


  • Okay. Or live an amazing house isolated from any outside contact? Well, you didn't say that I can't have internet

    好喔 還是住在一個與外界斷聯的超棒房子? 喔你沒說我不能有網路吧

  • Okay, you just said no outside contact. How amazing is this house?

    喔你說與外面斷聯 這房子多棒阿?

  • You know? Does it have a bowling alley? Does it have a private helicopter?

    你懂嗎? 是有保齡球道嗎?是有私人直升機嗎?

  • I- I- It's too vague. I'm gonna have to go with a homeless shelter. Well

    這-這-範圍很模糊喔 我會去街友收容所

  • I guess you're all a bunch of fucking idiots, huh? 2% of you are a bunch of idiots

    我猜你們都是群他馬的白癡喔,齁? 2%的你們都是白癡

  • Congratulations. You want to live without Pewdiepie videos? Is that what you're trying to tell me? Moving on.. would you rather kill someone? Yes

    恭喜 你想要活在沒有Pewdiepie影片的地方嗎?你是想這樣告訴我嗎?繼續.....

  • Oh wait, maybe I should read the full thing. And have nobody know? Yes

    你會選擇殺了人? 沒綽

  • or

    喔等等,我應該要念完整個 然後沒人知道 是的

  • Not kill someone but have everyone think you did. I'll just fucking kill someone. What are you, stupid?


  • I thought about this the other day, okay? People say, "I will never kill anyone" But I'm like

    沒殺了人但大家都覺得你有 我會直接他馬的殺人阿 你是北七嗎?

  • "Mm-mm." No, I think everyone will kill someone. I think it's in our blood, okay? I think if

    我有想過這個,好嗎? 人們說"我永遠不會殺任何人"但我就像是

  • If given the right circumstance, you would kill someone, okay? If there was a button in front of you, and it said, "Well,

    "恩...恩..." 不,我想每個人都會殺人吧 我覺得這存在我們的血裡,好嗎? 我覺得如果

  • If you don't kill this guy, all the people in the world is going to die", okay?

    如果在對的情況下,你也會殺人好嗎? 如果有個按鈕在你前面,然後它說

  • You would kill it. Anyone would kill with the right circumstance, okay?


  • So don't fucking bullshit me with that shit. "I wouldn't kill anyone." Yeah you would

    你會殺的吧 在對的情況下任何人都會殺人的好嗎?

  • Okay, you would. You would

    所以不要唬爛我 "我不會殺任何人" 屁啦你會的

  • I'd kill you for having shitty opinions.

    你會的 你會的啦

  • Moving on,


  • would you rather fight the entire Smurf Village


  • Or fight the full collection of Care Bears?


  • What's a care bear?


  • Oh my God, yes


  • I would- I would not just fight them


  • I would beat the shit out of them, and then when they're laying on the ground


  • I would take down my pants. I would unzip my huge-


  • Would you rather win an Oscar or win the Nobel Prize?


  • Here's what the question is actually saying: would you rather


  • People look up to you and praise you and love you


  • *burp*

    人們向你看齊 讚美你 然後愛死你

  • or


  • Would you actually like to help s- help society? Would you actually like to do something good for humankind? But most people probably


  • wouldn't give a shit. *laugh*

    你其實想幫助社會? 你會想對於人類做些好事嗎? 但大部分的人可能

  • Would you rather have to wear a full-body red leotard on your wedding day-

    根本不會鳥這個吧 *笑*

  • but, that's what I was planning to wear


  • Thank you very much.


  • So what's a red leotard?


  • Hell yeah. Can you imagine me in that? That looks sexy

    所以 紅色連身衣是長怎樣?

  • or have to have the person you are marrying

    每賣阿 你可以想像我穿那樣嗎? 看起來很辣欸

  • that day wear the full body red leotard?


  • So, Marzia in a sexy red leotard or me in a sexy red leotard?


  • Uh, excuse me. Marzia, I will have the privilege of looking hot in our wedding day, okay?

    所以,Marzia穿性感紅連身衣 或是 我穿性感紅連身衣?

  • Would you rather be best friends with Harry Potter or be best friends with Katniss Everdeen?

    痾,抱歉Marzia 我有特權在我們婚禮上看起來很辣,好嗎?

  • Who the fuck is Katniss Everdeen?


  • Oh my God, I don't want to be friends with any one of these fa-


  • I hated Jennifer Lawrence before it was cool


  • Okay? Way before it was cool

    我討厭珍妮佛勞倫斯 她以前比較酷

  • I saw through her obnoxiousness miles away. Her giant ego, her, (werid accent) "Oh look. I am le humble.


  • I am a little drunk right now, guys. I might say something totally crazy!

    從幾英里外我就可以看到這討厭鬼了 她很自大, 她 "喔看我很謙虛欸"

  • *laugh in a weird way*

    我有點醉了 我可能說了什麼很狂的話~!

  • I am Jennifer Lawrence


  • Please, everybody, love me. Look how bootiful I am. Look how humble I am."


  • Would you rather take a sizzling hot shower or an ice cold freezing shower?

    霸脫,大家,愛我吧 看看窩多麼飄亮 看看我多謙虛

  • Well, I don't want permanent

    你會選擇 洗個燙到脫皮的熱水澡還是洗個會冷到結冰的冷水澡?

  • bu- damage to my body


  • So I'll take the ice cold one, because I'm a Swedish viking man and not a little pussy boy.


  • "Ooh! It's a little cold"

    所以我要選冷水澡,因為我是個瑞典維京人 不是小孬孬

  • Ooh! My balls went inside my body."


  • That's normal, okay?


  • It's called masculinity.


  • Gets 2% of fucking bitches.

    這叫男子氣概 (?)

  • How about that?


  • Congratulations.


  • Would you rather slam your hand in every door or


  • fall down every flight of stairs?


  • I would rather die. How about that? Which one will most likely kill me? The stairs


  • I'll pick that one. Thank you.

    我要選擇死亡。 怎麼樣阿?哪個可能會殺死我? 樓梯那個

  • Well I guess- I guess

    我要選那個 謝謝

  • 515,000 people are fucking idiots

    我猜- 我猜

  • Goddamn it pisses me off. So you're not paying attention to my morals? You're picking the wrong-


  • You need help, you need guidance in your life

    靠北真是嚇尿我了 所以你沒注意我的決定嗎? 你選到錯-

  • Stop making bad choices. Bad choices kill people.


  • Would you rather have a stylist do your hair and makeup every day or

    不要再做壞選項了 壞選項會抬狼的

  • Have a fashionista pick a new outfit every day.


  • I don't like when people dress me


  • It was really fucking weird doing Scare Pewdiepie. We had a- she was very nice


  • But her job was to dress me, and I wasn't allowed to wear my own clothes

    那真的靠北奇怪 嚇到我了 我們-她人很好啦

  • And it just really pissed me off because I'm like, "Oh, you don't want any form of authenticity


  • in this show? You just want me to look like a goddamn product that you guys built?"

    那真的嚇尿我了因為我就像 "喔你們不想要我在節目裡看起來真實一點嗎?

  • I don't know why it bothers me so much, but


  • Hair- hair and makeup. Do my hair and makeup. I don't give a shit. Okay, well I guess


  • 60% people are fucking wrong, okay?

    頭髮-頭髮和化妝吧 幫我做頭髮和化妝我不想鳥了 喔我猜

  • Would you rather always wear Crocs or always wear socks with sandals?


  • Can I pick both? I love Crocs, okay?


  • Have you worn Crocs? Everyone hating on Crocs like it's a meme, like you can't think for yourself. "Oh Crocs are so ugly

    我可以兩個都選嗎? 我愛鱷魚鞋欸

  • because that one meme

    你有舊的鱷魚鞋嗎? 大家都因為這個梗而討厭它,就像你不能自我思考一樣

  • I saw online said it."


  • They're fucking comfortable as shit, and they say the exact same thing with sandals and socks, okay?


  • "Oh, I know about them. You can't wear sandals and socks. (weird noises)"

    它們穿起來真的靠北舒服, 精確來說和穿襪子配涼鞋是一樣的,好嗎?

  • I wear sandals and socks. It's comfortable as fuck. You can't stop me, okay?

    "喔我知道那個 你不能穿襪子配涼鞋耶"

  • "Oh, you can't do it because someone else said that you can't do it (whiny noise)"

    我穿襪子配涼鞋阿 超他馬舒服 你阻止不了我好嗎?

  • God damn, it pissed me off


  • Fuck you. You can't think for that shit


  • You're not worthy of my fashion. You're not worthy of my morals. Fuck you. Leave a like on this video by the way. Appreciate it.


  • Thank you so much. Leave a like if you like Crocs and leave a like if you like sandals. This has been, your boy, PewDiePie

    你不值得感受我的時尚 我不值得我的決定 去你的 反正都給我讚這個影片 謝謝

The time has come!



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