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  • Felix: Hey, Marzia! I have a surprise for you.

    (Pewds)嘿 Marzia 我有個驚喜要給你

  • Automated Voice: What the fuck is this, Felix?

    (Marzia) 這他媽是殺小

  • Felix: It's your favorite game!

    (Pewds) 這是你最愛的遊戲啊

  • *clap*

    (Marzia) 又是"快樂輪子"嗎

  • Automated Voice: Is it Happy Wheels again?


  • Felix: No.

    (Marzia)最好不是,否則我會為了Jack Spedicy 跟你分手

  • Automated Voice: It better not be, Felix, else I am

    (Pewds) 你確定嗎?!?!

  • breaking up with you for Jack Spedicy

    (Pewds) 這遊戲有很多熱情的"小女孩"

  • John Cena: Are you sure about that?


  • Felix: This so much more than


  • just hot "babes". Okay?


  • Felix: This game is about: friendship, volleyball


  • and having a great time.


  • Marzia: M'kay. "Press any button".


  • *presses button*


  • *Felix laughing*


  • Marzia: It didn't work.


  • Felix: No, it's a *presses controller button*


  • Marzia: Oh.

    (Marzia) 嗯殺小?

  • Marzia: Where's mine?


  • Felix: No, you don't get to play.


  • Marzia: What?!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Felix: No. You *get* to play.


  • Felix: Okay, you're gonna have to pick my girlfriend


  • --Uh, I mean, my, uh...


  • Marzia: Excuse me?


  • Felix: *laughing nervously*


  • Marzia: Ooh, can I pick?


  • Felix: Yeah, so, you pick--you pick


  • where you wanna go.


  • Press, uh, press circle to go somewhere.


  • Felix: You want to go to the 'Jack of Trades'


  • Good choice. Uh, perhaps, buy some fabric.


  • A cheesecake.


  • A crab, perhaps.


  • Felix: Buy the crab, Marzia.


  • (insert savage teXt)


  • Felix: You're really good at this game.


  • Buy the crab, c'mon, buy the crab


  • Felix: If I was an anime babe, I would love a crab.


  • Felix: Thank you.


  • Automated Voice: Okay, could you now shut the fuck up


  • about buying crabs, now?


  • (windows startup sound)


  • *Windows XP startup sound bass boosted*


  • Marzia: Okay, what else do I do now?


  • Felix: Uh, well, go back with 'x'.


  • You can't really do anything--you just buy stuff there.


  • So, if you wanna go--


  • "Marzia: Tenerife? (island in Canary islands)"


  • Felix *sarcastically*: "Tenerife", that's right, it's "Tenerife"


  • Felix: So, go down, okay, you--you...


  • Okay.


  • Now, we just get to see her for no reason, so.


  • Felix: I don't--I don't know what's happening.


  • Marzia: Well, I know what's happening.


  • *laughter*


  • Felix: Why are you--what did you select, Marzia?


  • Felix: Okay, wait--what?


  • Oh! Okay. I never done this.


  • But, I've heard about this.


  • ...


  • You have to take pictures.


  • Felix: Wait, no-no-no. Careful, you don't want


  • to skip anything.


  • Felix: You skipped it!


  • What the hell?


  • Felix: Alright, so this game you are


  • running against each other. Okay?


  • You start pressing 'x' as fast as you can.


  • Marzia: Wait, how are they running like that?


  • *laughter*


  • Felix: GO


  • Not too fast, though. Not too fast.(heheheh)


  • Marzia: Why?


  • Felix: You fall. You'll fall.


  • Too fast--too slow.


  • Go faster.


  • Marzia! What are you doing?


  • Marzia: Who am I?


  • Felix: I built a reputa--you don't even know


  • who you are?!


  • No, you're not! You're the girl!


  • You're ruining my highscore.


  • Marzia: We have some--


  • Felix: I built hours of relationships in this game.


  • Marzia: 'Mission failed'?!(we'll get em next time)


  • Felix: You failed a mission?


  • Marzia: /You/ failed.


  • Felix: How did I--I didn't even play!


  • Marzia: She failed.


  • Felix: That's right.


  • ...


  • Marzia: Who is it? What is this?


  • Felix: I don't--I don't know.


  • I'm tryna figure it out


  • Hey! It's the twelve year old in the game.


  • boobs


  • Felix: Good job, Japan.


  • Tranquil Beach sounds good, doesn't it?


  • Marzia: Sure.


  • Felix: Okay. And then pick--pick one of the red ones.


  • Marzia: Okay, this is 'quit'. Okay?


  • Felix: What?


  • Marzia: That is quit.


  • Felix: What does that mean?


  • Marzia: Like, not this. 'Cause, she talked to--


  • Felix: What are you saying?


  • Felix: Mountain climbing!


  • I never done this. I-I've been trying to find this.


  • How did you find this?


  • Which one was it?


  • We're gonna mountain climb, Marzia.


  • Gonna climb. We gonna go high up.


  • Then, as you do on a holiday.


  • Marzia: This seems like a bad idea.


  • Felix: No, it's a good idea. She's fine. OMG


  • *laughing*


  • She's ready.


  • Go!


  • No, you gotta hit the-you gotta hit the *pointing*


  • Marzia: Okay, okay.


  • Felix: C'mon. Don't DIE.


  • Marzia: This is--


  • Felix: What happens if you fall?


  • Why are you doing this?


  • Marzia: This seems so dangerous.


  • Felix: I kinda want her to fall. And die.


  • And break her neck.


  • The voice acting is...amazing.


  • Marzia: Oh, look! She's sweaty.


  • You see her?


  • But her hair is perfect.


  • What are we doing now?


  • Felix: I don't know.


  • ♪ I just wanna tell you: you're all I love, yeah


  • Marzia: I can dance, you have to change me.


  • Felix: Okay. I don't know how you


  • change character--how would I know these things?


  • Let me show you how it's--how it's done.


  • Marzia: I mean, I mean look at her. She's like, so tall.


  • Felix: Woah, what does this--


  • Oh, I can take pictures!


  • W O A H!


  • How'd I do this? Oh!


  • Marzia: Go!

  • Felix: No, you're playing the game!


  • Go faster!

  • You're winning, Marzia!

  • Amazing!

  • *laughing*

  • *strained* Yes!

  • Felix: Now you can pick--now you can pick.

  • Marzia: Okay!

  • Felix: Ooh.

  • Marzia: So, that's the girl we had before.

  • Don't like her.

  • Don't like that.

  • That one? Or, that one?

  • Felix: I think I prefer that one.

  • Marzia: Really?

  • Felix: The other one looks a bit strange.

  • Ok. Now you must play.

  • You picked this.

  • WHAT?

  • Why?! WHY?!

  • Okay, alright.

  • Marzia: We're here against my babe.

  • Felix: Oh! Oh! C'mon!

  • Marzia: Look at my bad boings.

  • Oh, you're good!

  • Felix: What is happening?

  • If we fall in, you're dead.

  • Stop!

  • S T O P !

  • For fuck! Stop it!

  • Ah!

  • Ah!

  • Stop!!

  • C'mon!

  • C'mon!

  • Yay!

  • *the text on screen is not being said at all*

  • *Ainsley* "Ye-eah Boyah

  • *Windows 'shut down' sound*

Felix: Hey, Marzia! I have a surprise for you.

(Pewds)嘿 Marzia 我有個驚喜要給你


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