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  • David Suspicion Chair.

  • Definitely.

  • Yeah, it's got to be battered with salt vinegar chips got really crispy and soft on the inside.

  • Has to be a roast dinner.

  • I just love everything about It just feels like no safe and home and gravy competing, taking with Yorkshire pudding and gravy.

  • You just can't go wrong with that Roast chicken roast dinners with chicken basically usually had on Sunday at lunchtime with family with roast potatoes on lots.

  • Lots of beds, followed by good fishing checks.

  • You know, I saw, you know, the better might just go to the local shop, but a good part.

  • Fish and chips.

David Suspicion Chair.


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人們如何談論他們最喜歡的英國食物? (How do people talk about their favourite British food?)

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