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  • Hello and welcome to the Teachers Room.

  • The show that by teachers 14 and I'm sure this episode stop It is many teachers avoids teaching, writing in the class.

  • They just said it for her work.

  • Isn't that right down?

  • I don't know what you mean, but it's important to bring writing into the classroom.

  • So why not get students to write collaboratively?

  • That means together in this way they can share ideas, and they can feel more confident before they go off and do writing by themselves.

  • So who are three ideas to help with the planning stage of collaborative writing?

  • One way of planning and narrative is to play consequences.

  • It's a very simple game.

  • All you do is give the students a piece of paper and have them write the name of a character at the top and then fold the paper forwards So there answer can't be seen and pause it to the next year and the next.

  • You don't have to write the next line like a description of the character.

  • When they've done that, they folded over Pass it to the next student.

  • Now there are more steps that we don't have time to talk about them here, However, go to our website.

  • You can find the full game and then the original student gets the completed paper back to the original student.

  • Give me that on, then they could use it as a basis for that story.

  • Okay, so I've got to write about a man named John Smith who loses his house in a fire but falls in love with the nurse at the hospital.

  • OK is an idea that can help students with the layout and structure of their writing give the class a text type like essay on a topic like the pros and cons of tourism, Then get them to generate a mind map as a class as to everything that may or may not go in the essay, then they have to work together to put the points in a logical order.

  • Now, to make this more kinesthetic and a bit more physical, have them write the ideas on cards on, move them around the table to put them in the order.

  • Okay, down.

  • So should we start with the positive things first?

  • I like to start with negatives.

  • I think negatives better because you get them out the way and then finished on a post it.

  • Okay, so how about maybe we should my air travel with the environment?

  • That's a good point.

  • Please.

  • Cool.

  • Yeah, so we can put those two together.

  • Our last planning idea involves adding details to a topic.

  • So give each student in the class a big piece of paper with the topic on the top like my hometown?

  • Yes.

  • Then the student has to go up and stick their piece of paper onto the wall.

  • When everybody's done this, the class stands up and goes around all the paper and write one question on each one related to the topic.

  • But they have to write a new question.

  • They can't write a question that's already been used.

  • When this is finished, the owner of the paper comes and takes it back and uses thes questions as the basis of their writing task, making sure to answer every single question.

  • Do you have a tip on teaching writing in the classroom?

  • It's and it's a video clip, and you may get one of these awesome website BBC leading english dot com BBC learning English, right, Let's do it and say, Oh, I can't wait.

Hello and welcome to the Teachers Room.


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教師的房間。合作寫作1:計劃 (The Teachers' Room: Collaborative Writing 1: Planning)

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