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  • I try to like A/B test the copy iterate a little.

  • But I have, "Feed me sushi" and "Tell me I'm pretty."

  • Um.

  • I don't know.

  • I don't have a bio on Tinder, I just have a bunch of modeling photos on there.

  • I just have pictures, and then I get mad cause everyone says "hey," and I'm not gonna answer "hey".

  • So, I'm sure I should have a bio, but I don't know what to put in it.

  • Bartender, film major, wine mom.

  • You'll probably like my dog more than me, but i like your mom more than you.

  • Um.

  • Swipe right if you like short dudes.

  • It's really all about the way you look, I think.

  • Especially for men.

  • Yep.

  • There's just an attractive girl that might look like a model, or a bikini.

  • Men love skin.

  • Photos people like on my dating apps?

  • Maybe, like, a photo of me hiking.

  • Sexy photo and, like, the nice dress that shows a little bit of cleavage.

  • And they're just like, you know, heart eyes, eggplant emoji, but...

  • Like, no.

  • I used to kidnap my friends' dogs, and I would just go on like these adventures with their dogs and take pictures like they're all my dogs.

  • Just a lot of nature pictures with dogs that weren't mine.

  • I have one with two girlfriends.

  • Like, it's like a Polaroid from a, like, Brooklyn party we were at.

  • Maybe just because they want to look like a good guy they'll, like, like the group photo.

  • Um.

  • Mm.

  • I've got the tuxedo wedding.

  • Have to have, you know, the homies in it, you know, making me look good on each side.

  • This one's a little bit too tall.

  • I think people react to the strong close-ups in my modeling photos 'cause there's really good lighting.

  • I definitely got a lot of reactions based on my bio.

  • It has brackets, and inside the brackets, "Say bungled punchline," and then it's an exclamation point at the end.

  • 6' 2" and funny enough.

  • It worked, I mean, I got matches.

  • "Don't hate me if," and I put, "if I organized all of your things."

  • Must be funny.

  • The typical, "No hookups."

  • But I would put, like, a little fishhook, to kinda like indicate that I meant it.

  • Not looking for something serious or something like that.

  • Like, kinda honestly, mildly, (beep)boy-esque.

  • Just looking to talk.

  • Lets cook each other dinner and have a glass of wine.

  • AMC six-dollar Tuesdays.

  • Gotta go when no one's there, get that, you know, cheap ticket.

  • People here just cut to the chase.

  • They're just like, "I'm at this address, I want to bleep your bleep."

  • And I'm just like, "can you, like, say "hi first"?

  • My first photo is kind of like a very normal picture of me.

  • I was sweaty after hiking and I'm doing a soft smile.

  • A lot of people like that, and if people like that photo, I am more down with them.

  • Another very popular photo on my profile is me in a swimsuit kind of like beachy, wet vibes, and I get a lot of likes on that photo.

  • It says actor, artist, writer...

  • Paint on my face and like cans in my hair.

  • Only one percent of African American men are over 6'2" and have a college degree.

  • Like, you're not gonna find a lot of me on here.

  • No complaints in my dating life.

  • (What's your dating profile strategy? Tell us in the comments below.)

  • (Digital love.)

I try to like A/B test the copy iterate a little.


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