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  • By August the warmer temperatures allow now the colony to break up.

  • Winter has taken its toll

  • and the males have lost half their body weight

  • They're also left holding the baby.

  • These newly hatched chicks can expect very little from their fathers.

  • After four months of fasting, there's nothing solid in a male's stomach,

  • but he is able to produce a protein-rich secretion.

  • but that is barely enough to keep a chick alive for a week.

  • Fattened up from two months fishing,

  • the females reappear with magically accurate timing.

  • In such a crowd, calling is the best way to locate a partner.

  • A female arrives to take over.

  • At first, the male is a little reluctant to abandon his offspring.

  • Once the exchange starts, it needs to be quick.

  • A few minutes on the ice would almost certainly kill the chick.

  • Now at last, the chick can feed properly.

  • During the next five months,

  • an emperor chick will eat 100 kilos of food.

  • In one big helping it can eat a third of its own bodyweight.

  • Now at last their fathers have a chance to eat,

  • but the ice edge may be several hundred kilometres away.

  • Emperor penguins have a faster mode of transport than just plain walking.

  • They can toboggan.

  • From now on males and females will take turns to go fishing.

  • Each trip may involve travelling thousands of kilometres, in search of food.

By August the warmer temperatures allow now the colony to break up.


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B1 中級 美國腔

皇帝企鵝|地球上最偉大的野生動物表演|BBC地球頻道 (Emperor penguins | The Greatest Wildlife Show on Earth | BBC Earth)

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