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  • The next MotoGP race will be Misano. My home grand prix.

  • For me, Misano is special

  • Because the first time I ride a motorcycle in a track was in Misano.

  • And it's 10 kilometres from my house.

  • You start to dream to become a rider, yes.

  • The track is difficult because it's very physical

  • Because you have a lot of hard braking.

  • At the same time, You have the Curvone and all the fast part

  • That I think is the only corner during the season that you do with sixth gear.

  • So more than 270 kph!

  • So every time you arrive in that corner

  • You say 'difficult'!

  • Usually, Misano you need on the right hard part

  • Because you have a lot of corners on the right.

  • On the left a little bit less

  • Because Misano has always a bit of lack of grip.

  • We try a new softer tyre

  • That improves a lot the grip on the edge.

  • You can go a lot faster in the corner

  • And it's very important for our bike.

  • Plus here rain is very difficult

  • Because Misano is very, very slippery.

  • So you need to be very careful.

  • The atmosphere is special.

  • Because I have a lot, a lot of fans. A lot, a lot of yellow around.

  • The image is fantastic because it's always full of people.

  • So for me I was very happy to win in Misano.

  • It's always the same emotion.

The next MotoGP race will be Misano. My home grand prix.


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