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  • that.

  • Don't forget Snoopy.

  • Stopover.

  • Peppermint Patties.

  • She's expecting you.

  • Oh, don't forget your dish.

  • You're supposed to bring your own dish.

  • So a little power.

  • Hey, it's the shortstop.

  • High power.

  • Glad you could make it Going back to school.

  • A Chuck says you'll have lots of fun.

  • Must be a drag, though.

  • Having to go back to school.

  • Here's your room, Snoop.

  • Put your stuff down here, then we'll take it for a little chap.

  • You must be hungry after your long trip.

  • Hi, Roy.

  • We're gonna get us a bite to eat.

  • Remember, Snoopy?

  • Is that strange kid I told you about?

  • Never says a word, but he's a good shortstop.

  • Your pair.

  • This will take the *** out of the old timey way.

  • Boy, that's the strangest kid I've ever seen.



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A2 初級

史努比|薄荷派蒂的訪問|他是你的狗,查理-布朗|兒童視頻|兒童電影。 (Snoopy | A Visit to Peppermint Patty | He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown | Videos for Kids | Kids Movie)

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