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  • You know what?

  • I don't understand.

  • Check.

  • I don't understand love.

  • Who does explain love To meet check?

  • I can recommend a book or a painting or a song or a poem, but I can explain love.

  • Come on, try Chuck.

  • Try to explain, love.

  • Well, say, I happened to see this cute little girl walked by and I Why did you have to be to Chuck, huh?

  • Can't someone fall in love with the girl who isn't cute and has freckles a big nose?

  • Explain that, Chuck.

  • Well, maybe you're right.

  • Let's just say that I happened to see this girl walked by, Who has a great big nose and I didn't.

  • Great, Jack, You not only can't explain love, actually, you can't even talk about it.

  • Well, then let's talk about something I can't explain baseball.

  • Have you seen our baseball schedule for the new season?

  • Chuck?

  • My team plays your teen 12 times.

  • We spotted you twice in April.

  • Smashed you three times in May.

  • Really new twice in June.

  • Murder you three times in July.

  • Annihilate you four times in August and destroy all together in September.

  • My stomach hurts well.

  • The season starts in a couple of weeks.

  • Check what shape for good luck.

  • Thanks.

  • You touched my hand check, you sly dog.

  • I think you know more about love than you let on, huh?

You know what?


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