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  • Okay, let's draw Snoopy's power.

  • Woodstock.

  • He's a funny looking bird, and we're going to start the same way we did with Snoopy.

  • We're gonna draw two circles for Woodstock's head one.

  • The back is a little bit bigger, and they're gonna overlap.

  • And they were gonna do a light shape for his body.

  • Right here.

  • Charles Schulz.

  • His characters, The heads were always really big and the bodies were really small.

  • We have feet, its tail.

  • The funny character should about Woodstock is his head feathers.

  • So he has this one really big head feather that comes down the front and sort of makes the front its head.

  • That's his neck.

  • She got this one really nice, curvy line.

  • You're sort of following your circles, right?

  • And then you've got one head feather, and then he's got this sort of cowlick V feather in the back.

  • 123 He's got crazy hair, Last feather, the bottom makes the back of his neck and then you go down for his body.

  • Okay, This is the basic shape of Woodstock.

  • Gonna add its tail.

  • Little bird legs, a little crazy bird feet, which really loose.

  • He's got a wing.

  • Although he can't flattery will.

  • I'm sort of in the middle of his head where this other circle crosses eyebrows and a smile.

  • That's what stock.

Okay, let's draw Snoopy's power.


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如何畫伍德斯托克 (How to Draw Woodstock)

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