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  • guys good morning we are off to the airport in buenos aires argentina to pick up our very special

    大家早上好,我們要去了 阿根廷布宜諾斯艾利斯的機場接機

  • guests and we're already running a bit late so more about that later right now

    客人,我們已經在跑了一點 現在晚些時候再晚些

  • let's go find a taxi


  • so we made it to the airport we thought we were running a bit late but it's a

    所以我們到達了我們認為的機場 我們來得有點晚,但是

  • Saturday there wasn't a whole lot of traffic on the highway to get to us ASAP

    星期六沒有很多 高速公路上的交通以盡快到達我們

  • early so that means we're going to need some caffeine hey we're at the Havana

    儘早,這意味著我們將需要 一些咖啡因,嘿,我們在哈瓦那

  • Cafe to be recorded so good we got the meringue ones of course and yeah the

    咖啡館要記錄得這麼好,我們得到了 酥皮當然是的,

  • flights been delayed just by ten minutes so we've got time to spare maybe we'll

    航班只延遲了十分鐘 所以我們有時間要保留,也許我們會

  • show you some Airport scenes it's kind of funny being at the airport when

    給你看一些機場的場面 在機場的時候很有趣

  • you're not traveling for us anyways yeah I think my first Argentine Alfajor forever

    反正你不是為我們旅行 我認為我的第一個阿根廷人Alfajor是永遠的

  • was Fred yeah Havana yeah probably at your house probably wait you mean you

    是Fred yeah Havana yeah可能在 你的房子可能正在等待你的意思是你

  • mean you didn't eat these when you travel here by yourself many moons ago

    就是說你沒吃這些 多月前獨自旅行

  • no Havana for you I might have tried them I say no what I didn't try this one

    我可能沒有嘗試過的哈瓦那 他們我說不,我沒有嘗試過這個

  • Wow okay aren't you glad you met me and that my family introduced you to go to

    哇,好吧,你不是很高興認識我, 我的家人介紹你去

  • Savannah yeah these are one of the top alfajores

    大草原是的,這些是頂級 Alfajores

  • mass-produced alfajores you can get yeah Argentina obviously people have a bakery

    你可以得到大量生產的阿爾法峽灣 阿根廷人顯然有麵包店

  • the made fresh to be fantastic dessert these are just so good what's a nice

    新鮮製作的甜點 這些真是太好了

  • wage let's just chill before your dad arrives

    工資讓我們先冷靜一下 到達

  • delicious little snack yeah also there's a little kid crying in the background

    美味的小點心,是的,也有 一個小孩子在後台哭泣

  • you know what would probably solve that giving him another quarter that would

    你知道什麼會解決這個問題 再給他四分之一

  • make the kid oh so happy I left maybe the

    讓孩子變得如此幸福,我離開了 也許

  • buenos aires welcome to your defeat Seto

    布宜諾斯艾利斯歡迎您擊敗 瀨戶

  • later tonight a little present for my dad yeah so our mystery guest has

    今晚晚些時候給我的禮物 爸爸,所以我們的神秘客人有

  • arrived it's my dad sipping on wine already to the food

    到了是我爸爸 已經在酒上to酒了

  • we're in Argentina what do you expect water no way you know here is the mouth

    我們在阿根廷,您期望什麼 水沒辦法,你知道這裡是嘴

  • very good very good yeah yeah it's just arrived it was a long trip from Toronto

    很好很好是只是 到達多倫多要走很長一段路程

  • mm-hmm like 14 hours because I came through Chile now the flight doesn't

    mm-hmm之類的,因為我來了14個小時 通過智利現在航班不

  • come straight from Toronto to Buenos Aires anymore yeah it goes via Santiago mm-hmm

    從多倫多直達布宜諾斯艾利斯 是的,它通過聖地亞哥mm-hmm

  • and in Santiago we had to get off the plane and wait till they cleaned it and

    在聖地亞哥,我們不得不下車 飛機,等到他們清理了

  • board again and you know that the waste of time right so finally I just made it

    再次登機,你知道浪費 正確的時間,所以終於我做到了

  • to the airport about an hour ago and I was starving because I don't like plane

    大約一個小時前我去了機場 餓了,因為我不喜歡飛機

  • food that's the to feed you but I it's like to kill you so I have told this guy

    食物是養活你的,但我是 想殺了你,所以我告訴了這個傢伙

  • before I left Toronto expect me with something at home because I'm gonna be

    在我離開多倫多之前,期待我與 因為我會成為家的東西

  • famished mm-hmm and here we have some nice salami beautiful cheese we got

    迷糊了mm-hmm,這裡有一些 我們得到的美味的薩拉米香腸美麗的奶酪

  • prosciutto and of course this can never be far away

    熏火腿,當然這永遠不會 很遠

  • Dean I this gotta be the baby reigning to you at the table the first bottle of

    院長,我要當嬰兒 在桌上給你第一瓶

  • money to come yeah the first from many become for dessert we got alfajores

    錢來自很多人中的第一個 成為甜點,我們有alfajores

  • and Risa croissant


  • yeah so yeah this is just like well it's not really a snack here we call them

    是的,所以這就像它一樣 這裡不是零食,我們稱它們為零食

  • like picada you know picada means to like to pack you know a little bit

    像皮卡達,你知道皮卡達意味著 喜歡打包,你知道一點點

  • because then in the late afternoon we're gonna go to eat parrilla I mean asado yes

    因為然後在傍晚我們 我要去吃白I

  • yeah well that's the plan yeah that's the plan

    是的,那是計劃,是的 計劃

  • well it's great to have you here okay we're a good nine is two and a half four

    好,很高興你在這裡 我們是一個好九點是兩個半四個

  • more three weeks in in Argentina we're gonna eat and we're gonna drink like

    在阿根廷再過三週 會吃,我們會像

  • there is no tomorrow


  • keep in touch because you're gonna be amazed what we can put away hey guys

    保持聯繫,因為你會 驚訝我們可以收起嘿傢伙

  • it's night time we are hungry Potter appetites and we're heading to one of

    這是晚上,我們餓了波特 胃口,我們正在走向其中之一

  • our favourite steak houses in buenos aires called parrilla peña and all what it's a bridge opinion opinion

    我們在布宜諾斯艾利斯最喜歡的牛排館叫做Parrillapeña,以及所有其他 這是一個橋意見

  • yeah this is a steak house family steak house it's nothing really

    是的,這是一家牛排館家庭牛排 房子真的沒什麼

  • extremely fancy but it is a really good place to eat asado

    花哨的,但它真的很好 吃asado的地方

  • parrilla peña we've been there a couple of times before one of the coolest things

    parrillapeña我們去過那裡幾個 最酷的事情之一之前的時間

  • is that this place was recommended to us a few years ago by a local so I love

    是這個地方被推薦給我們的 幾年前被當地人愛著

  • that it's yeah just like you said it's a family type of place non-pretentious the

    是的,就像你說的那樣 家庭類型的地方

  • focus is on the food can be down there and we go there every time we're in the

    重點放在食物可以在那裡 而且每次我們進入那裡時

  • city of buenos aires is unless good prices good portions yeah and good quality so

    布宜諾斯艾利斯市,除非價格合理 是的,不錯的部分,質量很好,所以

  • one more Kenyatta exactly let's go have a bite now for starters

    再來一個肯雅塔,讓我們去吧 現在開始吃一口

  • getting some banana these are free of charge

    得到一些香蕉這些都是免費的 收費

  • yes these look really good ground beef green olives

    是的,這些看起來真的很好 綠橄欖

  • the taste yeah YUM some people love olives others ate them I think they're

    是的,有些人喜歡的味道 橄欖別人吃了他們,我認為他們是

  • great an empanada yeah it's like the polarizing ingredient

    偉大的肉餡捲餅 是的,就像極化成分

  • they're very good excellent very fresh very peaceful you know just to open up

    他們非常好極好新鮮 很和平,你知道要開放

  • the appetite exactly is an entree we already ordered the steak yeah and the

    胃口正是我們的主菜 已經點了牛排,

  • asado I'm gonna have some salad and some Malbec the wine so this is kind of

    我要去吃沙拉和一些 馬爾貝克葡萄酒,所以這有點

  • preferred Islamic what is coming okay and what coming is really good

    首選伊斯蘭教,以後會怎樣 真的很棒

  • Rebecca


  • so guys the company all the needs that he ordered the complete salad which has

    所以,公司的所有需求 他點了完整的沙拉

  • way too many to list them all but I do see like lettuce potato carrots tomato

    太多了,無法全部列出,但我願意 像生菜,馬鈴薯,胡蘿蔔,番茄

  • we have eggs we have celery it's good to get the greens in before the meat

    我們有雞蛋我們有芹菜 在吃肉之前先把蔬菜切入

  • because then there's no room how can we come I'm waiting for my meat yeah it's

    因為那樣就沒有空間了 來,我在等我的肉,是的

  • not I feel like I'm a rabbit you know should

    不 我覺得我是隻兔子,你應該知道

  • eating grass right next to this she'll be coming any minute now

    在這旁邊吃草,她會 現在隨時都來

  • yeah right this place it's 8:20 and it's already starting to feel it you

    是的,這個地方是8:20 它已經開始感覺到你

  • know people are coming in like crazy yeah

    知道人們像瘋了似的進來 是的

  • so when you see traffic like this yeah that means that place is good that's

    所以當你看到這樣的流量時 那意味著那個地方很好

  • good yeah they keep coming in and they keep them in if you get here by 9:30

    很好,他們不斷進來,他們 如果您在9:30到達這裡,請把它們放在裡面

  • forget it you won't have any room on you line up outside yeah that's it tea thank

    算了吧,您將沒有任何空間 是的,外面排隊,茶,謝謝

  • you you come from North America from whatever it is that you come from

    你你來自北美 不管你來自哪裡

  • come here early yeah around from 8:00 8:15 yeah you'll find a spot for supper

    早點從8:00過來 8:15是的,您會找到一個吃晚飯的地方

  • yeah and guys this place hasn't changed since we've been here it's just as good

    是的,伙計們,這個地方沒有變 既然我們去過這裡就好

  • it's just it's got that classic feel that we have these are the typical

    只是具有經典的感覺 我們有這些是典型的

  • Buenos Aires places that they they look like like this forever you're gonna come

    布宜諾斯艾利斯他們看的地方 永遠像這樣,你會來

  • in here at 40 years from now and they still want to look the same

    從現在開始40年後 還是想看起來一樣

  • yeah these are traditional places where you eat good and the owners are not

    是的,這些是傳統的地方 你吃得好,老闆不

  • really worried about before making it fancy they concentrate on whatever it is

    真正擔心之前 他們看中了他們的專長

  • that they give you people indeed yeah and that's a good amount good quality

    他們確實給了你人民 這是一個很好的質量

  • and people just coming back in yeah nobody cares about the pictures on the

    人們剛回來 沒有人在乎照片上的圖片

  • walls or stuff like that yeah you care about

    牆壁之類的東西,是的,你在乎 關於

  • time to begin to filming so we ordered two cuts of meat horses are enormous so

    是時候開始拍攝了,所以我們點了 兩塊肉馬非常大,所以

  • we're sharing it among station yeah we have the Peabody Tereza

    我們在車站之間分享 配上Peabody Tereza

  • which is one of the most famous cuts using death and it's just unbelievable

    這是最著名的削減之一 使用死亡,這簡直令人難以置信

  • it's so juicy guys like lard it's just unbelievable

    像豬油這樣多汁的傢伙 難以置信的

  • this place is still so my favorite Parisian house I can clean up no one's

    這個地方仍然是我的最愛 巴黎人的房子我無法收拾

  • did home - yeah maybe no one ever will decent people not because I was born in

    回家了-是的,也許沒人會 像樣的人不是因為我出生於

  • Argentina if you haven't tried Argentinian beef before your way in from

    阿根廷,如果您沒有嘗試過 阿根廷牛肉在您進來之前

  • Uruguay they have very good speed same like in Argentina we're not going to

    烏拉圭他們的速度非常好 就像在阿根廷,我們不會

  • leave them out because they're good if you haven't tried the beef in this land

    離開他們,因為他們很好 你沒有嘗試過這塊土地上的牛肉

  • you haven't tried anything yet nothing compared in the flavor of this beef

    你還沒有嘗試過什麼 比較牛肉的味道

  • these are animals that are raised grazing natural grasses and the flavor

    這些是飼養的動物 放牧天然草和風味

  • of the beef is something that you're not going to find any words in the world it

    牛肉是你不喜歡的東西 要在世界上找到任何單詞

  • only has salt and pepper they are famous for that and it's not just a cliche is

    只有鹽和胡椒粉才有名 為此,這不僅是陳詞濫調,

  • the truth when you come here and you taste it it's it's a flavor that it

    真相,當你來到這裡,你 嚐嚐它的味道

  • cannot be reproduced with any spices with any sauce with any gravy with

    不能用任何香料複製 配上任何肉汁的醬汁

  • nothing it's a natural taste that's in the in the in the meat you know and it

    沒什麼,這是一種自然的味道 在你知道的肉中

  • cannot be duplicated anywhere in the world so come now you know people come

    不能在 世界,所以現在就來吧,你知道人們來了

  • to Argentina coming here says the origins I'm in the gringos and the great

    到阿根廷來這裡說 我來自俄羅斯人和偉大的人

  • desert us here I seem to be the only one who's actually attacking it a little

    在這裡拋棄我們,我似乎是唯一的一個 實際在攻擊它的人

  • something that you guys can share and then it arrives and it's a beast and a

    你們可以分享的東西 然後它到達,它是野獸和

  • piece of desert our homemade tiramisu it's no good it's not like the lights on

    一塊沙漠,我們自製的提拉米蘇 不好,不是像燈一樣亮

  • the flavor bit of cinnamon and cocoa powder on top there's so much cream do

    肉桂和可可的味道 上面的粉太多了

  • you have a great burden on your shoulders

    你的負擔很大 肩膀

  • alright guys so we are back at home now back in the apartment that was a

    好的,所以我們現在回到家了 回到公寓裡

  • wonderful first dinner first barbecue back in Argentina how did you enjoy it

    美好的第一頓晚餐第一場燒烤 回到阿根廷,你感覺如何

  • oh it was amazing the that meat that we had it was just

    哦,太神奇了 我們吃的那隻肉

  • out of this world it's Argentinean beef your way and beef

    走出這個世界 這是阿根廷牛肉和牛肉

  • also I always say the people from your way they have a pretty good meat in the

    我也總是說你的人 他們在裡面有很好的肉

  • same like in Argentina so I always they always go together you know but this is

    像阿根廷一樣,所以我總是他們 總是在一起,你知道,但這是

  • something that you're not going to find any words in the world you know it's the

    你不會找到的東西 世界上的任何詞,你知道這是

  • flavor of this beef is just yeah to describe it you know yeah I got to taste

    這牛肉的味道只是 描述它,你知道,我要嚐嚐

  • it yourself yeah I'm a little bit still from I sister right this morning after a

    你自己,是的,我還是有點 我姐姐今天早上

  • 14-hour flight and I'm still like I know I feel like I'm in the air I don't lag

    14小時的飛行,我仍然喜歡 我覺得我在空中我不會落後

  • and kind of I'm not in my hundred percent capability so even to eat I was

    而且我不在我的一百里 百分之能力,所以即使我吃

  • a little bit you know slow but yeah we took care of that one we ordered and not

    有點你知道慢,但是是的,我們 照顧我們訂購的那個而不是

  • enough one portion for each of the three of us but we ordered for two people and

    三個部分各佔一個 我們,但我們訂購了兩個人,

  • that was more than enough because we almost we couldn't even finish we had to

    那綽綽有餘,因為我們 幾乎我們甚至無法完成,我們不得不

  • like push ourselves to try and finish everything in front of us because it was

    喜歡推動自己嘗試並完成 我們面前的一切,因為那是

  • so much food I'm price wise well we're talking about

    這麼多的食物 我是明智的價格,我們正在談論

  • the meal the total was 46 US dollars right so if you take that and you

    這頓飯一共是46美元 對,所以如果你接受了

  • divided by three it's basically 15 u.s. dollar person and so that included the

    除以三,基本上是15我們 美元的人,所以其中包括

  • complimentary bread the empanadas yeah a bottle of reserved Malbec a major brand

    免費麵包,肉餡捲心菜是的 一瓶保留的馬爾貝克大品牌

  • trek PJ yeah two cuts of meat two great cuts of meat this out an awesome solid

    跋涉PJ是的,兩塊肉,兩塊很棒 切肉,這真棒

  • and it huge slab of dessert to hear tiramisu

    和它 一大塊甜點聽提拉米蘇

  • they brought up yesterday's so even for three people that dessert was yeah

    他們帶來了昨天的 三個人,甜點很不錯

  • there's no way one person should order a dessert for themselves because it yeah

    任何人都無法訂購 為自己準備甜點,因為是的

  • if you go to a place like this to this don't forget that here in Argentina the

    如果你去這樣一個地方 別忘了在阿根廷

  • the portions are humongous yeah I mean we are not talking about European sizes

    這些部分是巨大的,是的,我的意思是 我們不是在談論歐洲尺寸

  • or you know some other countries here when they they serve you they serve you

    或者你在這裡認識其他一些國家 他們為您服務時,他們為您服務

  • in such an amount that how do I finish these so always be cautious if you order

    我要如何完成 這些,所以如果您點菜時請務必謹慎

  • as always the waiter is this enough for two and they're going to tell you as a

    和往常一樣,服務員足夠 兩個,他們會告訴你

  • portion that is enough for two people so so you don't leave anything behind you

    對兩個人來說足夠的部分 這樣你就不會留下任何東西

  • know like you ordered to order and then you cannot finish it so that's that's

    知道像你訂購的然後 你不能完成它,那就是

  • the thing that you have to always be aware of when you come to this to this

    你必須永遠是的東西 知道當你來到這個

  • country but they eat they eat good everything is tasty but the portions are

    國家,但他們吃他們吃的很好 一切都很好吃,但部分是

  • huge you know yeah so that's something you you need to be yeah so another

    巨大,你知道,是的,這就是 你你需要成為,所以另一個

  • fantastic meal we also have a fun schedule tomorrow

    很棒的一餐我們也很有趣 安排明天

  • what's yeah we're planning to go in search or what's been named the best

    是的,我們打算進去 搜索或什麼是最好的

  • milanesa in the whole city a super meanin asa that like overflows from a

    米蘭娜莎在整個城市超級 意思是從一個溢出的asa

  • plate yeah so we're gonna track that place down

    板耶 所以我們要追踪那個地方

  • that's the plan yeah now that we've got full bellies we're gonna get a good

    那是計劃,現在我們有了 飽肚子,我們會得到一個好

  • night's rest yeah maybe maybe a cafe con leche in the

    晚上休息 是的,也許在

  • morning oh that's a must yeah Cafe con Leche when Osiris you need

    早上哦,這是必須的 是的,您需要Osiris時可以在Leche咖啡館喝咖啡

  • to try it is the best coffee Kaka fail there that you can get you know I mean I

    嘗試它是最好的咖啡卡卡失敗 在那裡你可以讓你知道我的意思是我

  • consider it one of the best around the world because I have tasted coffee

    認為它是周圍最好的之一 世界,因為我嚐過咖啡

  • everywhere and coffees bitter usually here is the coffees got an aroma

    到處都有咖啡苦 通常這是咖啡散發出的香氣

  • so sweet that is is it or not and they bring it

    如此甜蜜 那是不是,他們帶來了

  • with those maybe as Lunas they're like a smaller

    和那些 也許像Lunas一樣

  • butter croissant yeah they usually bring you three every time you order a cafe au

    他們通常會帶來黃油牛角包 每次您訂購咖啡店時您三個

  • lait they bring any croissant to to be part of that that breakfast yeah oh my

    伙計們,他們帶來了任何牛角包 那早餐的一部分,是的,哦,我的

  • oh my so that's a good breakfast yeah yeah tomorrow tomorrow should be an

    哦,我的早餐很棒 是的,明天明天應該是

  • exciting episode from buenos aires argentina one oh sorry is hitting the road and the other adventure

    阿根廷布宜諾斯艾利斯的精彩插曲之一,對不起 道路和其他冒險

  • continues we'll see you there okay bye


guys good morning we are off to the airport in buenos aires argentina to pick up our very special

大家早上好,我們要去了 阿根廷布宜諾斯艾利斯的機場接機


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A2 初級 中文 阿根廷 布宜諾斯艾利斯 牛肉 地方 機場 甜點

在布宜諾斯艾利斯最愛的阿根廷牛排店吃晚餐|奧黛麗的爸爸在阿根廷回來了! (Dinner at Our Favourite Argentine Steakhouse in Buenos Aires | Audrey's DAD IS BACK in Argentina!)

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