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  • We're at the Hello Kitty cafe and...

  • look who's sitting next to me!

  • Miss Hello Kitty herself.

  • She was sitting at the table all by herself so we had to join her.

  • And then we had to get her stuff

  • like the Hello Kitty green tea matcha latte.

  • It looks adorable.

  • Adorbs.

  • And then we got this little parfait with mini everything.

  • Mini green tea ice cream, mini vanilla ice cream, looks like mini rice krispies

  • and then little Hello Kitty white chocolate.

  • So so excited!

  • I love theme cafes.

  • It's like the perfect size. Look how tiny those little ice cream scoops are.

  • It's in a shape of an apple.

  • Mmmmm so good.

  • Jump on the bus!

  • Crystal: So it was pretty average... the food.

  • But the service was great and the food was really cute.

  • I mean, any themed cafe I'm just gonna love.

  • Candy: You definitely pay... I feel like a lot of the times you're paying for the atmosphere.

  • The coffee was good tho.

  • Coffee I feel like you can't go wrong.

  • Matcha latte was a little bit too sweet for us.

  • The parfait was pretty average.

  • It wasn't horrible tho... it was just nothing I would order again.

  • Crystal: You're just paying for the cute stuff.

  • Candy: Yes!

  • Crystal: Like Miss Hello Kitty.

  • Candy: You get to sit next to Hello Kitty hahaha

  • So cute. Look at all these things too.

  • Hand towel gift set.

  • Look, it's on sale.

  • Sale! Sale! Sale!

  • Bye Hello Kitty!

We're at the Hello Kitty cafe and...


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日本臺場最可愛的Hello Kitty咖啡館在Cafe de Miki。 (The Cutest Hello Kitty Cafe in Odaiba, Japan at Cafe de Miki)

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