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  • well get a morning good morning guys and welcome to Gaiman another Welsh

    早上好,大家早上好, 歡迎來到蓋曼另一個威爾士

  • community here in Patagonia Argentina we just arrived took the bus over from Trelew scenic journey and it

    我們剛到的阿根廷巴塔哥尼亞社區在這裡從Trelew坐上了公共汽車 風景之旅及其

  • took a little bit longer than we had anticipated to yeah we thought I was

    比我們花了更長的時間 預計是的,我們以為我是

  • gonna be like 15 minutes but it was like I was about 45 yeah but it was so cool

    會像15分鐘,但那就像 我大約45歲,但是真的很酷

  • we went through some really rural areas we saw farmland cycling this is

    我們經歷了一些真正的農村地區 我們看到農田在騎自行車

  • beautiful Sun was a fantastic little ride just to get here and now we have

    美麗的太陽真是太棒了 只是為了到達這里而騎

  • arrived in the center of town in Gaiman and well got a busy day ahead of us we're

    到達了蓋曼鎮中心 我們前面有忙碌的一天

  • planning to do a little walk a little historic walk around town have afternoon

    計劃稍微走一點 歷史悠久的小鎮漫步有下午

  • tea a Welsh afternoon tea a Welsh afternoon tea maybe we can find a pub for lunch I'm feeling hungry

    下午喝威爾士下午茶下午喝威爾士下午茶 找一家酒吧吃午飯,我餓了

  • at the moment it's surprise that's today's plan just to learn a bit more about the

    此刻令人驚訝的是今天 計劃只是要多了解一些

  • Welsh settlers yeah here and let's go check it out up let's go check it out

    威爾士定居者,是的, 讓我們去檢查一下讓我們去檢查一下

  • we are now walking up to mirador Gaiman which is a little look at points so we can get a lay of the land like

    我們現在要走到蓋爾曼(mirador Gaiman)上 這樣我們就可以像

  • camera lens is looking a bit dusty here it is bit of a dusty town this is my new

    相機鏡頭在這裡看起來有點塵土飛揚 這是一個塵土飛揚的小鎮,這是我的新

  • puppy friend puppy friend as we look as we walk along the river we continued our

    小狗的朋友,因為我們看起來像 我們沿著河邊走,我們繼續我們的

  • walk through town and ended up along the banks of the Chubut River this river

    穿過城鎮並沿著 丘布特河兩岸這條河

  • right here played a crucial role in the development of Gaiman as it allowed the

    就在這裡在 蓋曼的發展,因為它允許

  • Welsh settlers to create irrigation canals to send water to their farms

    威爾士移民創造灌溉 運河向他們的農場供水

  • all right since we've just arrived in town let's talk about transportation

    好的,因為我們剛到 鎮上談交通

  • because getting to Gaiman is a little bit different in terms of buying a bus

    因為去蓋曼有點 在買巴士方面有些不同

  • ticket so we came from Trelew and we had to get this card where you can load

    票,所以我們來自Trelew,我們 必須把這張卡放在可以裝載的地方

  • money the card was 85 pesos and they won't take it back at the end it's yours

    錢卡是85比索,他們 最終不會收回它是你的

  • to keep you have to buy it yeah so just over two US dollars a card and then for

    讓你不得不買它,是的,所以 超過兩美元的卡,然後

  • the journey itself it was 45 pesos per person yeah and we were able to load our

    旅程本身是每人45比索 是的,我們能夠加載我們的

  • journeys like coming and then going back so 90 total and it's a nice scenic road

    像來然後回去的旅程 總共有90條路,風景優美

  • if you there's two different roads right there are two roads yes that's the other

    如果你有兩條不同的道路 有兩條路是另一條路

  • thing I wanted to mention if you want the scenic route you need to get on the

    我想提及的事情 您需要乘坐的風景優美的路線

  • bus that follows Route seven okay that's the idea so ask the bus driver that yeah

    遵循七號公路的巴士 這個想法,所以問公交車司機,是的

  • and the company is 28 de Julio this is exactly what the bus looks like green

    公司是28 de Julio這個 正是公交車看起來像綠色的

  • and yellow the journey itself was 45 minutes and I'm really glad that we

    和黃色的旅程本身是45 分鐘,我真的很高興我們

  • decided to take the scenic road here yeah we went through some really nice

    決定沿著這條風景優美的路走 是的,我們經歷了一些非常好的

  • areas yeah and the buses are pretty frequent I think it's about once every

    是的,公共汽車很漂亮 經常,我想大約是每一次

  • hours yeah the schedules aren't really posted

    小時 時間表沒有真正公佈

  • anywhere so on the way back the guy told us to stand at the bus stop we come by

    回來的路上有人告訴他 我們站在我們經過的公共汽車站

  • once every hour so I guess we'll do that guys we've found the pub it's got a

    每小時一次,所以我想我們會做到的 伙計們,我們找到了酒吧

  • dragon got a mean it's Welsh that's how we choose our food it's right in the

    龍有一個意思是威爾士就是這樣 我們選擇我們的食物就在

  • center of town so this is very convenient

    市中心,所以這是非常 方便

  • the food has arrived we ended up getting the sorrentinos Walia sorentino's are

    食物到了,我們最終得到了 索倫蒂諾人Walia sorentino's

  • kind of like round ravioli they're big stuffed with goodies have

    有點像圓形餛飩 他們塞滿了糖果

  • pumpkin and we have basil they're in a leek sauce with bits of almonds on top

    南瓜,我們有羅勒,它們在一個 韭菜醬,上面放些杏仁

  • and it smells so good and there's so much cheese let's not forget the cheese

    而且聞起來好香 很多奶酪,讓我們不要忘記奶酪

  • the pumpkin is so sweet and smooth and creamy this is just delightful like they

    南瓜好甜又滑 奶油,就像他們一樣令人愉快

  • don't have a lot of Welsh dishes on the menu this one has a Welsh / good huh I

    那裡沒有很多威爾士菜 菜單上有一個威爾士語/好吧我

  • know Sammis dish yeah I guess I went with

    知道 Sammis菜是的,我想我跟

  • pumpkin soup it already had a bit of melted cheese in there look add Simba

    南瓜湯已經有一點 那裡融化的奶酪看起來添加辛巴

  • some additional so look at this look at that so just gonna stir that around let

    一些額外的,所以看看這個看看 所以就去攪拌一下

  • the cheese melt what's still delicious it's got like an intense pumpkin flavor

    奶酪融化了,仍然很美味 像濃烈的南瓜味

  • it's creamy it's a little bit sweet a little salty - yeah it's a perfect kind

    它是乳脂狀的,有點甜 有點咸-是的,這是完美的一種

  • of soup for like a full day you like the perfect winter soup they've been walking

    一整天的湯,你喜歡 他們一直在走的完美冬季湯

  • around for a little bit we've built up an appetite yeah well it's not quite tea

    我們已經建立了一些 胃口不錯,不是很好喝茶

  • time here does it happen till 2:00 so we're having

    在這裡的時間 它會一直持續到2:00,所以我們有

  • a little little bite of lunch and this is perfect

    一點午餐和這個 是完美的

  • yeah and we're sharing a main and an appetizer because we don't want to get

    是的,我們正在共享一個主要和一個 開胃菜,因為我們不想得到

  • the phone we don't want to get stuffed cake it's another we're not drinking

    我們不想塞滿的電話 蛋糕,這是我們不喝的另一個

  • wine either we don't we wouldn't want to get sleepy yeah it was a lot to do today

    喝酒,我們不,我們不想 困了,是的,今天有很多事情要做

  • it's just as kind of the beginning of our outing and this is just a perfect

    就像...的開始 我們的郊遊,這只是一個完美的

  • perfect little meal to have before we we check out more of the town in Gaiman

    我們之前要吃的一頓美餐 查看更多蓋曼鎮

  • alright guys we are now walking into a deep dark tunnel

    好傢伙,我們現在正走進一個 深暗隧道

  • dusty do super dusty like there are clouds of dust blowing our way this is

    像那樣有超級塵土飛揚 塵埃雲吹我們的方式是

  • part of federal Grand Central to boot so the railway line for central Chubut

    聯邦大中央車站的一部分 丘布特中央鐵路線

  • and it was built in the year nineteen fourteen because the locals refused to

    它建於十九年 十四是因為當地人拒絕

  • allow the train to run through the town I guess they didn't want to ruin the

    讓火車穿過小鎮 我想他們不想破壞

  • peaceful vibe of it so they had to dig this tunnel through the mountain right

    和平的氛圍,所以他們不得不挖 這條穿過山脈的隧道

  • now we can walk through a three hundred meter stretch of it do that let's go do

    現在我們可以走三百 一米的延伸,讓我們去做

  • it

  • well we walk the length of the tunnel kind of creepy one

    好吧,我們走隧道的長度 一種令人毛骨悚然的

  • you know you're the only two people here and it's a curved tunnel so you don't

    你知道你是這裡唯一的兩個人 這是一個彎曲的隧道,所以你不用

  • know what's around the bend but at the very end they're playing a

    知道拐彎處是什麼 但最後他們在玩

  • little movie about the history of this railway and the train station so yeah

    關於這個歷史的小電影 鐵路和火車站等等

  • it's interesting about Welsh subtitles for the movie and then you have these

    威爾士語字幕很有趣 電影,然後你有這些

  • like little info points along the way that just give you information about a

    就像一路上的小信息點 只是給您有關

  • different aspect they give it really they give you information but they also

    他們確實給予了不同的方面 他們給您信息,但他們也

  • sweet baby are these your babies baby

    可愛的小孩 這些是你的孩子嗎寶貝

  • our next stop was the anthropological Museum in Gaiman which is situated in a two-story

    我們的下一站是人類學 位於兩層樓的蓋曼博物館

  • brick home this museum pays homage to indigenous cultures and history and it

    這座博物館向這座磚瓦家致敬 土著文化和歷史及其

  • specifically focuses on the de wenches and their relationship with the Welsh

    特別專注於de wenches 以及他們與威爾士人的關係

  • settlers there was a guide on site who walked us through the exhibits but just

    定居者現場有一位嚮導 帶我們參觀了展覽,但只是

  • as a heads-up all the information is in Spanish

    作為提示,所有信息都在 西班牙文

  • we then continued to her second Museum of the day the welsh regional museum

    然後我們繼續去她的第二個博物館 威爾士地區博物館的一天

  • which is situated in the old train station and houses many of the artifacts

    位於舊火車上 站並安置許多文物

  • that belonged to the first pioneers we had another guided visit here and

    屬於我們的第一批先驅者 在這裡再次進行了指導訪問

  • learned all about the Eisteddfod a welsh poetry and music festival that plays an

    從威爾士中學到了有關Eisteddfod的全部知識 詩歌和音樂節

  • important role in keeping the Welsh culture alive here in Gaiman

    在保持威爾士人的重要作用 蓋曼這裡的文化

  • all right guys check in because it's been a while we have managed to visit to

    好的傢伙簽入,因為 已經有一段時間我們設法訪問了

  • museums already we've been to the Anthropology Museum talks about that the

    博物館我們已經去過 人類學博物館談到

  • the Mapuches talks about the Welsh so yeah that was really

    馬普切人談論 威爾士,是的,那真的

  • interesting and then from there we went to the regional Museum which also

    有趣,然後從那裡去 到地區博物館

  • focuses on the Welsh their arrival here we haven't been doing a whole lot of

    專注於威爾士人的到來 我們沒有做很多事情

  • talking on camera because the people who run these museums they want to talk to

    在鏡頭前說話,因為那些 經營他們想與之交談的這些博物館

  • you and they want to walk through the museum with you so yeah we kind of put

    你和他們想走遍 博物館和你在一起,是的,我們有點放

  • the cameras away and we're just chatting with them and learning a bit more about

    相機走了,我們只是聊天 與他們一起學習更多有關

  • this part of Patagonia in Chubut but now we are hungry

    Chubut巴塔哥尼亞的這一部分,但現在我們是 飢餓

  • this time for afternoon tea our Welsh tea so we're gonna go find a place

    這次是我們的威爾士下午茶 茶所以我們要去找地方

  • there's so many tea houses to choose from in this town but we'll narrow it

    有很多茶館可供選擇 從這個鎮上來,但我們會縮小範圍

  • alright guys so we decided on a tea house Ty Gwyn which shows tea when I believe in

    好的,所以我們決定喝杯茶 蒂·格溫之家 當我相信時會顯示茶

  • the Welsh got the name right there on the napkin so yeah it looks amazing like

    威爾士人的名字就在那裡 餐巾紙,是的,看起來很棒

  • the food's already a bright bubbly one incredible spread oh yeah look at that

    食物已經是明亮的氣泡了 令人難以置信的傳播哦,是的,看看那個

  • on this one plate we've got the bread yeah we have white bread whole wheat

    在這個盤子上,我們有麵包 是的,我們有全麥白麵包

  • cheese sandwiches scones and lots of butter on that bread it's not a three by

    奶酪三明治烤餅和很多 那個麵包上的黃油不是三個

  • three buttered bread very nice on the other

    三個黃油麵包上很好 其他

  • got six different to choose from my friends we're not gonna be hungry today

    我有六種選擇 朋友,我們今天不會餓

  • and the price it was 14 US dollars per person at Ty Gwyn not bad that's one of the most

    價格是每張14美元 Ty Gwyn的人 不錯,這是最重要的之一

  • portable afternoon teas we've had when we were looking at doing one at an

    我們什麼時候喝過的便攜式下午茶 我們正在考慮做一個

  • actual Wales in Cardiff I think it was may have been 50 pounds and I think we

    真正的威爾士在加的夫,我認為是 可能是50磅,我想我們

  • may have we may have been a little bit too cheap how is that very nice I'm

    也許我們可能有點 太便宜了,那我很好

  • already starting with a little mini cheese sandwiches the breads very light

    已經從一個小迷你開始 奶酪三明治麵包很輕

  • fluffy so good okay we have two jams but they said the big one was exceptionally

    蓬鬆的很好,好吧,我們有兩個果醬,但是 他們說大傢伙特別

  • delicious they were right I'd see a rough to read certainly haven't even

    美味,他們是對的,我會看到一個 粗糙的閱讀甚至都沒有

  • tried the cakes never having Walsh afternoon tea was definitely one of her

    嘗試了從未有過沃爾什的蛋糕 下午茶絕對是她的其中之一

  • favorite experiences in town our one tip is to come very very hungry skip lunch

    我們最喜歡的城鎮經驗 來得非常餓跳過午餐

  • because the amount of bread scones and cakes you'll be served is astounding all

    因為麵包烤餅的數量和 您將得到的蛋糕令人震驚

  • right red time yeah there's so many different things to try there were that

    正確的紅色時間是的,有很多 嘗試不同的東西是

  • we're splitting it up for the camera let's rather two different jams

    我們將其拆分給相機 讓我們寧願兩個不同的果醬

  • strawberry strawberry yeah I think that's what it is and what's this one

    草莓草莓是的,我認為 那就是它,這是什麼

  • again that one is being all the figs it is delicious at a point of you are

    再次是一個無花果 在你的某個地方很美味

  • really excited it looks like they're bringing us more hot to you more about

    真的很興奮,看起來他們像 帶給我們更多關於您的熱情

  • team which is gracias gracias you can you cozy got a lovely tea cozies

    團隊是格拉西亞斯格拉西亞斯 你能舒服地得到一個可愛的茶嗎

  • let's try that fig jam mmm really good both the jams have such different

    讓我們嘗試一下無花果果醬 兩種果醬都有如此不同

  • flavors it's nice to alternate between the two different flavors I don't use

    口味之間很好的交替 我不使用的兩種不同口味

  • one I go with the fake just because it's so unique so tasty now cakes there's six

    我之所以選擇假貨,是因為 如此獨特,如此美味,現在有六個蛋糕

  • very happy yeah okay so this one we said it's called torta negra in Spanish which

    非常高興,是的,所以我們說了這一件事 在西班牙被稱為torta negra

  • would mean a black cake it's a Welsh recipe and it may look like chocolate

    意味著黑蛋糕,這是威爾士風味 食譜,看起來像巧克力

  • but apparently it's me with sugar okay sir it looks like it might have reasons

    但顯然是我加糖好了 先生,看來可能有原因

  • to very nice this is my first time having a cake like this mm-hmm

    非常好,這是我第一次 像這樣的蛋糕

  • good caramelized sugar and those have raisins and walnuts good sir and a nice

    好的焦糖和那些 葡萄乾和核桃,先生,很好

  • surprise something new and you've got more tea more I do have more let's

    驚喜新事物,你有 更多的茶,我有更多的,讓我們

  • continue hello my friend come to me this one they said is a cream pie can't

    繼續問好我的朋友來找我 他們說的這個奶油派不能

  • say I've ever had clean pie before


  • the best way I can describe the cream is like wanted clean what you would put on

    我能描述奶油的最好方法是 想要清潔你會穿的衣服

  • the scone right but it's like already in the pie so the only thing and I can make

    烤餅的權利,但就像已經 餡餅,所以唯一可以做的

  • this better scrubbing a little bit of jam so then

    這個更好 擦洗一點果醬,然後

  • you've got like an actual scone because you've got like the layer of dough the

    你就像一個真正的烤餅,因為 你就像麵團層

  • pie crust the cream the jam it's like you got it all going in a bite you got

    餡餅使奶油變硬,就像果醬一樣 你一口氣得到了一切

  • it all perfection great discover here you go one where to go don't you it just

    一切盡善盡美,在這裡發現 你去哪兒去不是嗎

  • doesn't end one more who her newest at the team also the music are they playing

    不再結束她最新的人 他們也在演奏音樂

  • Walsh music I don't understand what but I can't understand this language it's

    沃爾什音樂我不明白,但是 我聽不懂這門語言

  • not English it's not Spanish next hello hello hello mr. big slice of cake over

    不是英語,不是西班牙語。 你好,先生大塊蛋糕

  • there look at all that cream in the middle in Spanish this is called

    在那裡看所有的奶油 在西班牙文中間,這叫做

  • bizcocho a low which I can best describe it's kind of like a sponge cake it's a

    我最能形容的bizcocho低點 有點像海綿蛋糕

  • vanilla sponge cake it's got cream the raspberries and like

    香草海綿蛋糕 它有奶油覆盆子和像

  • sugar glaze over it I usually catch my breath taking sugar

    糖釉 我平時吃糖會呼吸

  • is tiring so far the quality has been good on everything right

    到目前為止累人的質量 對一切都很好

  • no duds no dad I love this it's like somewhere between a glaze and icing and

    沒有傻瓜沒有爸爸我喜歡這個 在釉和糖霜之間的某個地方

  • fondant good stuff huh and I like the tartness of the raspberries that I mean

    軟糖好東西,我喜歡 我的意思是覆盆子的酸

  • you only tried three there's another three more types of keys to go okay I'll

    你只嘗試了三個 三種其他類型的鍵可以,我會

  • take care of those for us I'm gonna break well well

    為我們照顧那些 好好休息

  • friends I'm getting a little sleepy over here I'm real ton ding my belly's

    朋友,我有點困了 在這裡我真的很喜歡我的肚子

  • protruding whatever such good food we have to finish this must go on show must

    伸出任何這樣的好食物,我們 必須完成這個必須繼續表演

  • go on okay let's try this this looks so good

    繼續 好吧,讓我們嘗試一下,這看起來很棒

  • cut it like that it looks like a crumble


  • hmm oh my gosh strawberry crumble the crumble on top has additional sugar lots

    嗯,我的天哪草莓碎了 頂部崩潰還有更多醣分

  • of jams really sweet this may be the sweetest thing we've tried so far it's

    果醬真的很甜,這可能是 到目前為止,我們嘗試過的最甜蜜的事情是

  • really tasty it's also tart a bit this doesn't have to be your dinner like

    真的很好吃,這也有點酸 不必像你的晚餐

  • there's no way we can possibly use not just dinner I don't even think I'm gonna

    我們不可能用不了 只是晚餐我什至不認為我會

  • have a breakfast at fault what's his neck so looks like we've got like an

    早餐吃錯了他是什麼 脖子,所以看起來我們像

  • apple pie hi guys fine did not skip out on that layer of alcohol in the middle

    蘋果派嗨,伙計們沒跳出來 在中間那層酒精上

  • such a nice thick layer of apples added some cinnamon across I guess you would

    這樣一層厚厚的蘋果 我想你會在整個肉桂

  • call it is super thin so you're getting a lot of fruit

    稱它超薄,所以你越來越 很多水果

  • not too much crust which is the way I prefer delicious white and there's one

    沒有太多的外殼,這就是我的方式 喜歡美味的白,有一種

  • more last but not least we have the brightest brightest one yeah this is

    最後但並非最不重要的是,我們有 最明亮的是的,這是

  • this kind of has a gelatin jello we have a layer of cream in the middle and a

    這種有明膠果凍,我們有 中間有一層奶油,

  • thicker crust at the bottom with raspberries raspberries cream and jello

    底部的硬皮 覆盆子奶油和果凍

  • so smooth with the jello you're right everything has been so delicious here

    果凍讓您如此順利 這裡的一切都很好吃

  • it's just it's starting to get full I'm loving it though you come to Gaiman it

    只是開始吃飽了我 愛它,儘管你來到蓋曼

  • is the thing to do oh and I should mention that almost all

    是要做的事 哦,我應該提一下

  • the tea houses don't open until 2:00 the hours of 2:00 to 7:00 or 2:30 some even

    茶館要到2:00才開放 2:00到7:00或2:30甚至幾個小時

  • at 2:30 that's right all right now that we've had a taste of everything can you

    在2:30沒關係 我們已經嚐到了所有可以品嚐到的東西

  • choose a favorite out of all the cakes in prize my gosh they're all so good

    從所有蛋糕中選擇最喜歡的 我的天哪,他們都很棒

  • there was really nothing that was a disappointment but I'd say my favorite

    真的沒有什麼是 失望但我要說我的最愛

  • if I had to choose one is right down here apple pie I think the reason I like

    如果我必須選擇一個就好了 在這裡蘋果派,我想我喜歡的原因

  • this so much is just a copious amount of apples yeah leave the year I think we

    這麼多只是 蘋果是啊,我想我們離開這一年

  • can guess mine it was the cream pie scone in pie formed with clotted cream

    可以猜到我是奶油派 用凝結的奶油製成的餡餅烤餅

  • right here right here two years I like you so guys we're just gonna nibble away

    就在這裡我在這裡兩年 你,伙計們,我們只是蠶食

  • see if we cannot dude we can finish at all I think we can we're getting close

    看看我們是否不能花花公子,我們可以完成 我認為我們可以做的越來越近

  • well we didn't quite finish everything but we enjoyed the cake so much that we

    好吧,我們還沒有完成一切 但是我們非常喜歡蛋糕

  • got them packed up to go and let me tell you they made a wonderful breakfast the

    把他們收拾好去,讓我告訴 你他們做了很棒的早餐

  • following morning from there we visited one final attraction the first house in

    第二天早上從那裡我們去了 最後一個景點

  • Guymon here we had a guide who was able to give us a tour in English we learned

    Guymon在這裡,我們有一位嚮導 給我們一個英語學習之旅

  • that the first house in town was built by David Roberts and his wife Jemima

    鎮上的第一所房子建成了 大衛·羅伯茨(David Roberts)和他的妻子傑米瑪(Jemima)撰寫

  • Jones in 1874 it was a stone and mud construction that originally had a straw

    1874年的瓊斯是一塊石頭和泥巴 最初有吸管的建築

  • roof inside they had furniture paintings and household items that would have

    他們裡面的屋頂有家具畫 和可能會有的家居用品

  • belonged to this pioneer family


  • well well well guys that is a day trip spent the whole day in guys what a day

    好吧,好傢伙,這是一日遊 在男人身上度過了一整天

  • trip we did a little bit of hiking a little bit of self-exploration three

    這次旅行,我們做了一些徒步旅行 一點自我探索三

  • museums me the MT a we had lunch - at lunch we had cakes I don't think we've

    在我吃過午餐的MT a博物館- 午餐,我們吃了蛋糕,我認為我們沒有

  • packed that much into a day trip in a long time I was that was awesome just

    在一日遊中打包了那麼多 很久以來我就是很棒

  • loved the chill vibe of this place we liked it so much we plan to come again

    喜歡這個地方的寒冷氛圍,我們 非常喜歡它,我們計劃再次出現

  • tomorrow more tea visit a farm so there's a farm

    明天 更多的茶參觀一個農場,所以有一個農場

  • I really want to see our guide on one of our tours in Sedona this was telling us

    我真的很想看看我們的指南之一 我們在塞多納的旅行告訴我們

  • about this place where you can tour the farm they sell fresh produce jams so

    關於這個可以遊覽的地方 他們賣新鮮農產品的農場,所以

  • we're just really curious we're gonna go check it out yeah and yeah this is an

    我們真的很好奇,我們要去 檢查出來,是的,這是一個

  • amazing day the museums we visited three museums and learned so much about the

    美好的一天,我們參觀了三個博物館 博物館,並從中學到了很多

  • history of the Welsh here that's a wench's and just fascinating yeah I feel

    威爾士歷史在這裡 簡直令人著迷,是的,我感到

  • like this place is such an underrated gem and if you guys are travelling

    像這個地方被低估了 寶石,如果你們在旅行

  • around here in Philly it's definitely worth coming out so Gaiman to Ty Gwyn come spend a

    在費城這里肯定是 值得出來,所以蓋曼對泰格溫 來花一個

  • day or it come spend the night if you want that way you can have more time

    白天,或者如果你過夜的話 希望這樣可以有更多時間

  • here yep yeah we're just waiting for a bus to arrive but to the new we go so

    是的,是的,我們只是在等待一個 巴士到達,但到新的我們去

  • we'll see you guys


  • you

well get a morning good morning guys and welcome to Gaiman another Welsh

早上好,大家早上好, 歡迎來到蓋曼另一個威爾士


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