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  • Hi Bob the Canadian here.

  • I thought I would make a special video this week just to say welcome to all of the new

  • subscribers who have joined my channel over the last two weeks.

  • I went from 25,000 subscribers to almost 60,000 in ten days.

  • So many of you are new here.

  • Many of you though have been here for a long time, over two years for some of you!

  • But I just want to say welcome to my new subscribers, and thank you to all of my subscribers especially

  • those that have been with me since the beginning.

  • As you know by now I am Bob the Canadian.

  • I make English lesson videos on Youtube, and I make them for people like you to learn a

  • bit more English and to practice your English.

  • And I do three main kinds of videos each week.

  • I do a new video every Tuesday morning at 3:00 AM Eastern Standard Time.

  • And that is usually a short seven to eight minute video lesson where you can improve

  • your English skills.

  • I also do a live lesson on Friday mornings at 8:00 AM Eastern Standard Time.

  • I'll try to put links up here for you guys.

  • And those lessons are usually for beginner to intermediate people who are learning English,

  • and they're about 30 minutes long.

  • And I usually cover a specific topic.

  • I also do a Saturday evening, at 7:15 PM, Saturday, Eastern Standard Time, I do live

  • question and answer session where you can come and do some listening practice, by listening

  • to me answer questions that people ask in the chat.

  • You're welcome to answer questions…. uh, you're, you're welcome to ask questions about

  • me or about the English language in general.

  • Overall I really enjoy doing this channel.

  • It is super fun for me each week.

  • For those of you that don't know I am an actual high school teacher.

  • I teach French.

  • I teach Business.

  • I teach Computer Studies, and once in a while they let me teach English.

  • But I am trained, my university degree, is in teaching languages.

  • So, welcome to the channel.

  • Before you go though, you could check out this video which is one of my typical Tuesday

  • lessons, or this video which is a typical Friday morning lesson, or this video which

  • is a typical Saturday evening lesson, or these videos which are videos from my other channel

  • where I do short one minute English lessons every day of the week.

Hi Bob the Canadian here.


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