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  • (sighs) It's raining outside. I really like the rain, but it means that I can't play out there,

  • And I really love playing outside. Does it rain where you live sometimes?

  • What do you do when you're stuck inside? I guess one thing we can do is use our imagination!

  • What can we imagine? Well, it's really wet out there,

  • so what if we pretended we go someplace really dry, like the desert?!

  • Well, here we are in the desert. (labored breathing)

  • It sure is hot. Look at all this sand!

  • It's like the beach, but there's no water. I think we need to go somewhere colder! (coughs) ha ha

  • Ahhh. There we go. Much colder. Wait...

  • I'm a sheep! Ha ha! Well, hey you!

  • Hmm. Don't talk much, do you? Little baaaaashful?

  • (cartoon laughs)

  • I love pretending to be animals! (gasp) What if we travel back in time

  • to see an animal that lived a long time ago?!

  • Haha. Whoa!

  • Look! It's a dinosaur! I've always wanted to see a dinosaur! They're so big and strong.

  • (rumbles) Whoooa ha ha ha!

  • Did you feel that? That was crazy! Whoa! Look over there! It's Pap Pap and Bearhead.

  • [Pap Pap] Hey Danny Go!

  • Haha. Those guys are so silly. well we got to see

  • Well, we got to see these really big animals. Now, let's go see some creatures that are really small!

  • Oh! There's a little guy. Wait, I think that's a bee, and bees have stingers!

  • I got to get out of here fast! whoa not too fast slow down

  • Whoa! Not too fast!

  • Slow down, Snail Earnhardt! Hahaha!

  • Wow, we snailed it!

  • Hahaha

  • (sigh) Well, looks like it's still raining out there, so we've got to come up with a

  • few more things to keep ourselves entertained. What should we do?

  • Hmmm.

  • I know! Let's pretend to be birds flying over a mountain range!

  • I've always looked up at birds and wondered what it looks like to be flying way up there.

  • Let's try it!

  • ("The Stomp, Clap, Dance Song" melody plays)

  • La, la, la, la, la, la, la

  • Wow what a beautiful sight! If you guys have watched my videos before,

  • you know I love to sing. Well, what if we pretend to be singing on

  • a big stage, except the audience is my stuffed animals! Haha

  • That'd be pretty fun, right? Alright, I got to change my clothes for this one,

  • and get warmed up. (coughs) ♪ Me, me, me, me

  • I'm ready!

  • (clears throat)

  • Razz ma tazz

  • All the fun you can have

  • When you open your eyes to see something differently

  • Raz ma taaaaaaaazzzzzzzz! ♪

  • (clapping and cheering)

  • Those are all really fun ideas, but one of my most favorite things to do on a rainy day

  • is to read a good book. We can pretend we're reading in a library

  • like this!

  • or this!

  • or even this!!!

  • Echoooo! (sound reverberates and echos)

  • but I think my favorite place to read a book is right here in

  • my own home, sitting in my own cozy chair. You know the cool thing about books is

  • every time you turn the page, it's like a new adventure!

  • Wow.

  • Well, thank you guys for coming along on this adventure with me today, and I hope you have some cool

  • new ideas for the next time you get stuck inside on a rainy day.

  • Alright, have a great day! See ya!

(sighs) It's raining outside. I really like the rain, but it means that I can't play out there,


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雨天的7個想象力點子 /// Danny Go!兒童視頻 (7 Imagination Ideas for a Rainy Day /// Danny Go! Kids Videos)

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