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  • Hey, everyone Welcome to Super Simple Draw

  • Make sure you have something to draw with and some paper

  • And don't forget that you can pause the video if you need more time

  • Today, we're going to draw a train

  • Let's start with a rectangle

  • With a small square at the top

  • Draw a smaller rectangle on top

  • And then another bigger rectangle, off to the side

  • Let's add a triangle to that

  • Then, let's draw a long rectangle with a triangle on top

  • Let's add one more small rectangle

  • This is the front of the train

  • Now, let's draw some circles for the wheels

  • And let's draw another rectangle for a freight car

  • You can fill it with whatever you like

  • Trains carry many different things

  • Draw some more circles on the bottom for wheels

  • Let's add some carriages

  • Draw another rectangle

  • Draw a smaller rectangle inside

  • And add some lines to make windows

  • Let's add some more circles for wheels

  • Draw another rectangle

  • And add another window

  • And let's draw even more circles for wheels

  • And now, we'll draw the last carriage Also known as the caboose

  • Draw another rectangle

  • And this time, we'll draw some squares for windows

  • We can even add another window up top

  • Draw a line at the back to make the platform

  • And then, let's add some circles at the bottom for wheels

  • What color should we make our train?

  • We could color it red and blue

  • Or, we could make it a rainbow

  • It could even be pink and purple

  • Or, it could be gray

  • Let's give this train some tracks to ride around on

  • We'll also give it some mountains and a bridge, too

  • And some trees

  • That looks great!

  • All aboard!

  • Thanks for drawing with me

  • See you next time

Hey, everyone Welcome to Super Simple Draw


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如何畫火車|兒童簡單繪畫課程|循序漸進 (How to Draw a Train | Simple Drawing Lesson for Kids | Step By Step)

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