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  • A fairytale land of pine-veiled valleys,


  • gothic fortresses and villages untouched by time,


  • Transylvania is an eastern European region shrouded in legend and mystery.

    外西凡尼亞位在東歐 受到傳說與神祕氣息的籠罩

  • Lodged in Romania's misty green heart and cradled by the Carpathian Mountains,

    外西凡尼亞位在神秘鬱蔥的羅馬尼亞中心 受喀爾巴阡山包圍

  • Transylvania has long occupied the darker corners of the human imagination.

    在人們想像中 外西凡尼亞與黑暗二字脫離不了關係

  • This isolated destination is most famous for being the home of Vlad the Impaler,

    這個與世隔絕的地點 以弗拉德三世的家鄉而聞名

  • the 15th century ruler of the state of Wallachia.

    15 世紀時,他是瓦拉幾亞的大公

  • Earning the nickname for his gruesome method of dispatching his enemies,

    他對待敵軍的滲人方式 讓他被冠上「穿刺公」的名號

  • some regard the prince as a national hero, others a savage tyrant.

    部分人將這位王子看作國家英雄 也有人將其視為暴君

  • But for the gothic novelist Bram Stoker,


  • he was the inspiration for one of literature's most infamous

    他是靈感的泉源 進而創造出文學史上最惡名昭彰

  • and enduring characters, Count Dracula.


  • Shadowy folklore has soaked deep into the soil of this region,

    陰森的民間故事滲入 此地的土壤中

  • but before you drape a string of garlic around your neck, take comfort,

    在拿出大蒜掛在胸前護身之前 先別緊張

  • visitors who make the journey to Transylvania


  • discover more than just dark legends.


  • From the Romans to the Saxons,


  • Transylvania's many conquerors have left their cultural marks.

    曾經征服外西凡尼亞的人 都在此處留下了文化足跡

  • And nowhere is this rich social tapestry more evident


  • than in the picture book streets of Sibiu.


  • Sweeping skyward from the heart of the city is Sibiu's proud symbol,

    市中心的「錫比烏議會大廈」高聳參天 是當地引以為傲的地標

  • the Council Tower, whose medieval stones were first laid in the 13th century.

    這棟建築建於 13 世紀 由中古世紀的石頭砌成

  • Down below, take a stroll around the grand square, Piata Mare,

    下方的錫比烏大廣場 是悠閒漫步的好去處

  • where attic windows known as the city's eyes seem to follow your every move.

    這裡的閣樓窗戶如同城市的眼睛一般 盯著您的一舉一動

  • Follow the rolling hills west, past secluded hamlets and scattering herds,

    跟著層巒疊嶂的山峰向西行 行經幽靜村莊和四散牛群

  • to the city of Hunedoara,


  • where the turrets and spires of Corvin Castle rise from the horizon.

    看科爾溫城堡的砲塔和尖塔 自地平線升起

  • This 15th century Gothic-Renaissance treasure is one of the wonders of Romania.

    這座哥德式文藝復興瑰寶 建於 15 世紀,是羅馬尼亞的奇景

  • Look past its fairytale façade, however, and you'll discover the dark secrets

    一瞥城堡童話般的外觀 便能發現其黑暗秘密

  • and embittered spirits that roam its halls and ramparts.

    以及在廊間和城牆上迴盪的 苦澀靈魂

  • Creep through the vaults,


  • where Vlad Tepes is said to have descended


  • into madness during his seven-year imprisonment,

    在此遭監禁 7 年並陷入瘋狂

  • before emerging to unleash his reign of terror.


  • Travel north to the reassuring 21st century bustle of Cluj Napoca.

    向北行,回到令人安心的 21 世紀 享受「克盧日-納波卡」的城市喧囂

  • Rising from the stones of a 2000-year-old Roman citadel,

    這座城市從有 2000 年歷史的 羅馬堡壘石堆中誕生

  • over the centuries this city has matured into the elegant heart of Transylvania.

    數百年來,這座城市 逐漸成為外西凡尼亞的優雅之城

  • Once your nerves have settled,


  • take the 20-minute drive west to Hoia Forest

    不妨驅車 20 分鐘向西,前往霍亞森林

  • but don't venture too far from the paths.


  • Tales of disappearances, UFO sightings, and paranormal weirdness abound here,

    失蹤、幽浮和超自然事件的傳說 在這裡層出不窮

  • earning Hoia the title of the world's most haunted forest.

    讓霍亞森林被稱為 世上最駭人的森林

  • When you've finished ghost hunting in the forbidden forest,

    結束禁忌森林中的 捉鬼之旅後

  • take the two-hour drive into the welcoming embrace ofrgu Mures.

    驅車 2 小時 來到特爾古穆列什的懷抱

  • Having endured war, the black death, fire and revolution,


  • this city has at last emerged,


  • as a sparkling celebration of Romanian and Hungarian culture and pride.

    羅馬尼亞和匈牙利 文化與驕傲的閃耀之頌

  • Just to the south ofrgu Mureş


  • feel the hands of time turn backwards in the walled city of Sighisoara,

    造訪由城牆包圍的塞格蕭拉 讓它帶您回到過去

  • the birthplace and boyhood home of Vlad the Impaler.


  • Wander the cobblestone streets where the future tyrant played, but fear not,

    雖然弗拉德三世 曾在鵝卵石街道上玩耍,但是別怕

  • the bright pastel colors of this enchanting city


  • keep the sinister shadows at bay.


  • Uncover another medieval gem,


  • just a two-hour drive southeast of Sighisoara.

    驅車 2 小時前往塞格蕭拉東南方

  • Fringed by the pine-veiled peaks of the Eastern Carpathian Mountains,

    此處有松樹林立 受東喀爾巴阡山脈包圍

  • Brasov, was founded by the Teutonic Knights.


  • Visit the Black Church, renamed after it was scorched by the Great Fire of 1689.

    造訪因 1689 年的一場大火被燒得焦黑 因而更名的「黑教堂」

  • Walk the square where legend has it the Pied Piper


  • and the Children of Hamelin reemerged after disappearing from Saxony,

    以及漢姆林的孩子 於 1600 多公里外的薩克森州消失後

  • over 1000 miles away.


  • Continue your journey back through time in the nearby streets of Rasnov.

    來到勒什諾夫附近的街道 繼續您的歷史之旅

  • Rising high above the town, is Rasnov Fortress,


  • a vast medieval citadel built to hold back invading Turkish and Tatar hoards.

    這座宏偉的中世紀堡壘是為了 抵禦土耳其人和韃靼人的入侵而興建

  • More than a fortress, the citadel contained gardens, homes,

    這座城堡不只是堡壘 這裡還有花園、房屋

  • a school and a chapel, providing shelter and comfort in times of prolonged siege.

    學校和教堂 在艱困的圍城時期,更是舒適的庇護所

  • Seven miles away, stand before Transylvania's most famous landmark,

    到 11 公里外 造訪外西凡尼亞最著名的地標

  • Bran Castle.


  • Though it's unknown whether Vlad the Impaler ever actually stayed here,

    雖然不能確定 弗拉德三世是否有來過此地

  • the towering turrets of this brooding cliff top castle were enough to inspire

    但是這座雲霧繚繞懸崖上的城堡 以及高聳砲塔,讓伯蘭·史杜克

  • Bram Stoker when he searched for the perfect lair for his famous vampire.

    終於為其著名的吸血鬼角色 找到了完美的巢穴

  • And today, that connection draws thousands of travelers each year,

    如今,城堡和故事之間的連結 每年吸引了成千上萬的遊客來訪

  • who come to gaze out from the ramparts ofDracula's Castle”.

    一瞥「德古拉城堡」 並從城牆上遠眺美景

  • Transylvania is one of those rare places that blurs the lines between fact,

    外西凡尼亞是個獨特的存在 這裡的史實、民間傳說

  • folklore and fantasy.


  • Whether you've come for the ancient citadels or the secluded fairytale hamlets,

    無論是古老堡壘 或是幽靜的童話村莊

  • the stirring landscapes or the dark legends,


  • Transylvania is a destination that is hard to define,


  • and impossible to forget.


  • Transylvania is immortal.


A fairytale land of pine-veiled valleys,



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