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  • To make this repair You will need:

  • UV lamp

  • Sucker and any thin metal for separating the glass

  • One screwdriver " + "

  • Tool for the little parts and electronics

  • Spirit or isopropanol (as You like haha)

  • LCD separator or just a hair dryer :)

  • So let's start! Of course I want to say hello everyone :)

  • I am very, very hapy I can show You Galaxy S9 with replaced only the front glass

  • I were trying once with different method...

  • But with this method I successed and my happiness is double :) :)

  • As You can see my Samsung is broken very hard, but it is very good!

  • Glass separation will be much easier if it is broken on the edges. But if You have different scratch You can use glasss knife or ony diamonds if You have

  • Just as You like

  • This repair is not easy, but popssible

  • So watch carefully and remember about patience

  • I wish You mind open and concentratrion

  • I will feel excellent if You will success :)

  • So now about heating- NEVER use more than 90 degrees of Celcius

  • It will worse the battery lifetime and possible to break the touch function

  • The digitizer will just stop working so of course will be the game over :/

  • if You use hair dryer then You can sleep so well :)

  • When I removing the glass I;m using isopropanol, it dissolve the glue and all is much easier.

  • And please once again, be very careful, it is very easy to break the display if You don't heat it and don't use isopropanol

  • It is very thin and as You can see on my different video - it is Cylindrical display

  • It can be flexed on all the sides, but not more than 20°

  • When will be flexed more or You pull the metal too hard, will take dead pixels, black spots and display will dead...

  • Except that the rest will be easy

  • To glue a new glass I use LOCA TP-2500F glue

  • Glass with frame glued on 2-sided adhesive

  • Of course it's better to start from the edges :)

  • Then You have easier job

  • And remember all repair made at home will discard the Samsung warranty

  • Once again good luck and wish You nice watching :)

  • Before cleaning will be good to check if the touch function works good.

  • As You can see dead pixels that were on the begin are still here.

  • If You find any defects for example with digitizer, think if it's any sense to put new glass.

  • If all works good, let's clean the screen.

  • I am using isopropanol and my own fingers, it's the best solution for S9 :)

  • And then of course I will glue a new glass using LOCA.

  • As You can see now I have a new screen.

  • New, becouse I unlucky dropped and it stopped working :(

  • For a video I made new screen but not recorded. It's better for me becouse there are no dead pixels - I want to use this phone personally right now :D

  • So now You will see how to put a new glass :)

  • For a good end hehe

  • Summarizing - I think the effect is REALLY good!

  • No I'm testing the touch, it is necessary after every single repair.

  • So if You don't want to pay more that 300$ (it's a January 2019 right now) for a new screen, it is a very good solution for You

  • I think it's a very good deal, of course I don't talking to a services that have a freezer, it's nothing special for them.

  • I show You a home made solution

  • It will not be very expensive, but maybe it will motivate You to do something yourself :)

  • But of course if You do it for a first time You have to be ceraful. But if You do it very slow and focuser, will be good!:D

  • So thank You once again and I wish successes and averything good in Your life :)

  • See You soon in a new video, bye!

To make this repair You will need:


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Galaxy S9/S9 Plus 只更換玻璃--家庭解決方案 成功案例 (Galaxy S9/S9 Plus Glass Only Replacement - home solution Success)

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