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  • Somebody, please help.

  • My Charmander is hurt real bad.

  • My goodness, he sure looks banged up.

  • Dr. Chancy.

  • Chancy.

  • Don't worry, your Pokemon will be fighting fit in no time.

  • Move it people we're losing him.

  • I need 50 CCs of hyperposin stat!

  • On it Dr. Chancy!

  • Don't you die on me you firey (beep)

  • Doctor, he's not responding!

  • And his internal temperature is down to 550 degrees celsius!

  • Damn it!

  • That's practically freezing for a Charmander.

  • Prepare for operation.

  • I need to scrub up!

  • I got you Dr. Chancy!

  • Oh no!

  • What the (beep).

  • Clear!

  • Clear!

  • (beep) You Arceus, you're not getting this one today!

  • Clear damn it!

  • Time of death 3:28 pm.

  • I'm sorry Doc.

  • I don't know what happened.

  • Oh I know what happened.

  • You just lost your (beep) job!

  • Get out of my OR!

  • Now!

  • Someone hold me back, I'm gonna murder this (beep)!

  • Should I inform the trainer, doctor?

  • You mean tell that poor kid out there that his best friend in the whole world is gone forever?

  • No, the truth of what happened stays here with us and us alone.

  • You see, as doctors, our job isn't just to heal Pokemon.

  • We're the last line of defense against the cold harsh truths of this world.

  • If people really knew what went on, it would break them.

  • But not us, it's our purpose to carry that burden.

  • Ours alone.

  • So what are you going to do?

  • Whatever I have to.

  • I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

  • Shh, it's almost over.

  • Here you are!

  • Good as new!

  • Wow, I don't believe it!

  • Whoa, he's an even higher level than when I brought him in!

  • And he learned new moves.

  • And he's, a she?

  • Yup, that happens sometimes.

  • Thanks, Nurse Joy!

  • Oh, don't thank me, thank Dr. Chancy.

  • Chancy, Chancy!

  • (beep) Chancy.

Somebody, please help.


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如果寵物小精靈中心是現實的|經緯區的特徵 (If Pokemon Centers were Realistic | Featuring The Warp Zone)

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