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  • remember, you do it for him

  • and then you'd do it again

  • You do it for her, that is to say

  • you do it for him

  • Keep your stance wide

  • keep your body lowered

  • As you're moving forward

  • balance is the key

  • Right foot, left foot

  • Now go even faster

  • As you're moving backwards keep your eyes on me

  • Keep my stance wide (good)

  • keep my body lowered (right!)

  • As I'm moving forward

  • Concentrate, don't you want him to live?

  • Right foot, left foot

  • Yes, but put your whole body into it

  • everything have everything you are

  • you've got to give

  • On the battlefield, when everything is chaos

  • and you have nothing but the way you feel

  • your strategy and a sword

  • you just think about the life you'll have

  • together after the war

  • And then you do it for her

  • that's how you know you can win

  • You do it for her

  • that is to say, you do it for him

  • deep down, you know

  • you weren't built for fighting

  • but that doesn't mean you're not prepared to try

  • what they don't know is your real advantage

  • when you live for someone

  • you're prepared to die

  • Deep down, I know that I'm just a human (true)

  • but I (you) know that I (you) can draw my (your) sword and fight

  • with my short existence (good)

  • I can make a difference (yes, excellent!)

  • I can be there for him

  • I can be his kinght

  • I can do it for him

  • You do it for her

  • okay now do that again (yes ma'm)

  • you do it for her

  • and now you say

  • I'll do it for him

remember, you do it for him


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A2 初級 美國腔

[為她而做]--史蒂文-尤尼克斯封面圖。 ([Do It For Her] - Steven Universe Cover)

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