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  • Hi!

  • How are you doing today? I'm doing good. What's your name?

  • And how old you? my name is Celine, and I'm nine years old nine years old

  • this is my dream being an American Talent ah

  • So what you're gonna be doing for us today. [I'm] gonna be singing. Oh wow

  • [have] you got any brothers or sisters?

  • I got a little sister, and what's her name her name is Dion, Celene and Dion. Oh

  • Really, so I'm guessing your parents love Celine dion right?

  • So when did you realize [that] you had a great singing voice when I was in the car my dad's driving

  • And then suddenly. I just sang my heart will go [on] and he was like, WOW!

  • Celene Dion song

  • Yeah, we got that. We've worked that out mel. There's a celine dion [Greg]

  • I know, what kind of music do you like to listen to [I] like?

  • I like, like.

  • Celene Dion

  • And and what is your big dream to be the next Celene Dion she's got it.

  • This is my dream

  • This is your dream celine can ask you a question. What artists are you going to be singing? Celene Dion

  • Well [selene]. Good luck. Thank you

  • (Music)

  • Every night in my dreams, I see you I feel you.

  • That is how I know you'll go on.

  • Near, far, wherever you are.

  • I beleive that the heart does go on

  • (Music)

  • You're here there's nothing I fear

  • And I know that my heart will go on

  • We'll stay forever this way

  • You are safe in my heart and

  • My heart will go on and on.

  • (Applause)

  • Thank you very much!



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A1 初級 美國腔

譚詠麟Wonder Girl想成為下一個席琳-迪翁參加《2017美國達人秀》。 (Celine Tam Wonder Girl Wants To Be Next Celine Dion on America's Got Talent 2017)

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