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  • Hi, everyone. Welcome back to English In A Minute.

  • I'm James and today we're going to talk

  • about three different uses of the infinitive with 'to'.

  • We can use an infinitive with 'to' after

  • an adjective.'It's easy to learn English with the BBC.'

  • Another way to use the infinitive with 'to' is to talk

  • about the purpose, or the reason, for something.

  • For example: 'I went to the shops to buy some milk.'

  • So, in this example I'm saying that the

  • reason I went to the shop was to buy milk.

  • Finally, use the infinitive with 'to' after quantifiers.

  • The structure for this is:

  • quantifier + noun + infinitive with 'to'.

  • For example: 'I have too many emails to send.'

  • Or: 'There isn't enough time to get to the station.'

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  • We're always happy to help!

Hi, everyone. Welcome back to English In A Minute.


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3種帶to的不定式的使用方法 - 英語一分鐘 (3 ways to use infinitive with to - English In A Minute)

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