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  • So, where you from?

  • Certainly not from the same place as people around here.

  • Welcome to the jungle.

  • This is stunning.

  • What are you up to tonight?

  • My friends don't even know the real me.

  • And with Fikile, I had a fresh start.

  • People like them always crash.

  • She's a genuine influencer.

  • Best you know your place, then.

  • -How much are they paying you? -Three and a half, I think.

  • Thousand?

  • What if these people are dodgy?

  • Rich people can't be dodgy.

  • -Is it always this hectic? -Pretty much.

So, where you from?


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血水之爭 - 第一季 - 官方預告 - Netflix (Blood & Water | Season 1 | Official Teaser | Netflix)

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