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  • hey everyone it's two for Tuesday Jennifer from Tarle speech let's jump

  • right in we have two words today would a modal

  • verb expressing desire or a request and would material from a tree so good news

  • we have a silent letter here we don't even have to worry about it we are not

  • going to pronounce that l would and wood are pronounced exactly the same

  • let's start with the easiest part the ending everyone can get this to do this

  • you're going to touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your top front

  • teeth your voice box is on and moving for the d d d easy right you got

  • it you already have one out of three sounds that you need to know for this

  • word let's move to the initial sound w w this is usually pretty easy for

  • everyone to you're going to pucker your lips for the W sound www

  • your tongue is not touching your teeth it's just in the middle of your mouth w

  • okay here's where it gets challenging this ooh sound this is a relaxed short

  • sound now this sound is not ew and it is not uh sort of in the middle so again

  • it's not ew and it's not uh it is ooh ooh ooh so really watch my lips my lips are

  • slightly rounded ever so slightly rounded but still relaxed ooh ooh ooh now my

  • tongue is in the middle of my mouth and it is also somewhat relaxed I am NOT

  • making it tense because when I try to make everything tense what happens is I

  • do the ew ew ew and it's not wooood and it's not wud it's wood wood wood so again

  • I'm moving from that pucker to slightly rounded

  • or this oOh sound ooh and

  • i did use the phonetic transcription I typically don't

  • but I really wanted to make a point here so again move from very puckered and tense

  • to relaxed and slightly rounded and then touch the tip of the tongue for the D

  • I am going to go very slowly and show you and the key is is relaxing the mouth as you

  • go okay Wood Wood Wood Wood Wood Wood Would the dark wood look good

  • Would the dark wood look good give it a try people are going to notice

  • the difference if you found this helpful please share us with your friends and

  • give us a like check out our products on Google Play and iTunes and visit us at

  • Tarle speech thanks so much everyone see you soon

hey everyone it's two for Tuesday Jennifer from Tarle speech let's jump


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如何給WOOD & WOULD發音-美式英語發音課程。 (How to Pronounce WOOD & WOULD - American English Pronunciation Lesson)

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