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  • Welcome to week five of Washington DC's

  • official coronavirus lockdown, though most of us

  • have now been working from home for the best

  • part of two months.

  • The topic occupying a lot of people's minds

  • in the city this week is Donald Trump's reputation.

  • After a tumultuous week last week in which he appeared

  • to suggest injecting antiseptic might be a treatment

  • for the virus, before then insisting that he was being

  • sarcastic, the president this weekend abruptly cancelled his

  • daily media appearances.

  • The Washington Post reported that this

  • was because he had been presented with polling evidence

  • showing that he was slipping in the polls

  • and falling behind his rival Joe Biden in certain key swing

  • states.

  • His advisers apparently had told him

  • that his occasionally erratic media

  • performances were to blame.

  • Well, it is certainly true that Donald Trump's rating

  • has fallen in recent weeks after a bump

  • during the initial phases of the outbreak.

  • But then the same is true for pretty much every major world

  • democratic leader.

  • Countries across the world have rallied

  • behind their governments in the early stages of this crisis,

  • before then asking slightly tougher policy

  • questions about those governments responses

  • in recent weeks.

  • The remarkable thing for Donald Trump

  • is how stable his approval ratings have remained

  • throughout all of this.

  • In fact, his approval rating has remained

  • within a band of 35 per cent to 45 per cent

  • for pretty much the entirety of his presidency.

  • Compare that with Boris Johnson, for example,

  • whose approval ratings started off this year at around 48

  • per cent before soaring to 66 per cent just a few weeks ago

  • and then drifting slightly to 60 per cent.

  • What that tells me about Donald Trump

  • is that pretty much most Americans have made up

  • their minds about him.

  • Just under half like him.

  • Just over half dislike him.

  • That really hasn't changed throughout everything -

  • throughout the Russia allegations,

  • throughout the impeachment inquiry,

  • and now throughout the coronavirus outbreak.

  • That doesn't, however, mean that he is

  • set to lose the next election.

  • Remember that in 2016 he lost the popular vote to Hillary

  • Clinton but won enough of those key swing states

  • to beat her in the overall election.

  • The same could happen this time around regardless

  • of coronavirus.

Welcome to week five of Washington DC's


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冠狀病毒如何影響唐納德-特朗普的支持率 DC鎖國日記 (How coronavirus has affected Donald Trump's approval ratings DC lockdown diary)

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