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  • - Here are three easy ways

  • you can fight food waste in your own home.

  • One is use the whole vegetable.

  • Things like using carrot tops to make pesto

  • or pickling a carrot if it gets old but too wilty.

  • Use the whole vegetable help you reduce food waste.

  • Number two thing you can do is

  • when you're putting away vegetables in your fridge,

  • organize it in a first in, first out way,

  • meaning what you bought most recently, put it on the bottom.

  • And if you have older product, put it on the top

  • so you use that first before it goes bad.

  • The third thing you can do is what I call the sniff test.

  • And so that means, if you're worried

  • that the food is going bad,

  • don't necessarily look at the date

  • but open it up and sniff if yourself.

  • If it smells funky, toss it.

  • But if it smells perfectly good, it's probably safe to eat

  • and you can go ahead and prevent that from going to waste.

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為什麼有這麼多食物被浪費?// 由現代汽車主辦 (Why Does So Much Food Go To Waste? // Presented by Hyundai)

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