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  • hey everyone it's Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question

  • today's question is how do I say the word water bottle and to do those we're

  • going to break this down into a two part lesson one we're going to talk about the

  • sounds in each word and then two we're going to talk about compound nouns and

  • how you say those correctly with the correct word stress so let's go ahead

  • and take a look at our words most people that I work with will say

  • water and that's totally fine everyone is going to understand you and people

  • also also say bottle totally fine you can go ahead and say it like that but if

  • you want to sound a little more like an American what you are going to do is you

  • are going to use the flap T which I like to teach as sounding like a very fast D

  • sound okay so let's break these two words down

  • let's start with the first syllable here Wah to do that you're going to round

  • your lips and a pucker and then open into the with a round oval mouth very

  • open that's going to help you get your tongue into the correct spot

  • Wah your tongue is going to be down the tip of the tongue will be down in the

  • bottom of the mouth and the back will be pulled up wah next we're going to move

  • to the Der this is the fast flat T sound that I was talking about just

  • think of it as a d to do that touch the tip of your tongue to the back of

  • your top front teeth quickly the voice box is on and moving and then move to

  • the er sound square 10 flips and you have a choice tip of the tongue can be

  • flipped back with the back of the tongue bunched up or tip down what the back of

  • the tongue pulled up either is fine let's put that together

  • wah der water water water next for BA dull again we're going to start lips

  • together for the B b and then we're going to move to that oval mouth again

  • with the tongue low in the mouth and the back pulled up and then we're gonna move

  • to the d super fast T sound that we're going to make voiced to sound like that

  • flap T d and then we are going to quickly move the tongue back up behind

  • the top teeth for the L sound and hold it there for just a second

  • bottle bottle bottle bottle water bottle water bottle some of you may be saying I

  • hear a little bit of a sound in between that D and that L you probably do there

  • is a little teeny tiny bit of a schwa sound there

  • I don't really teach people to do that because when I tell people yes there is

  • a little bit of a sound there I'll hear people say dull bah dull and then that

  • makes the word sound just a little bit off and a little bit longer than it

  • should be so try not to make a vowel there just try to say quickly D then to

  • it now bottle bottle bottle now to make this a compound noun what we are going

  • to do is we are going to link these two words together no pause in between those

  • word number one is going to be louder the vowel will be longer and it'll be

  • higher and pitch that's what marks stress in English louder longer and

  • higher that word will be louder longer and higher the second word

  • bottle will be a little bit lower in pitch a little bit softer and the vowel

  • will be quicker so let's try those all together water water water bottle bottle

  • bottle water bottle water bottle water bottle please fill up your water bottle

  • at the water fountain before getting on the flight give it a try people they're

  • going to notice the difference if you found this helpful we would love a like

  • a share and subscribe check out all of our new products on Google Play and

  • iTunes and I hope to see you again next week

  • everybody

hey everyone it's Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question


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如何給 "WATER BOTTLE "發音 - 英語發音 (How to Pronounce WATER BOTTLE - English Pronunciation)

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