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  • Gibraltar is a small peninsula with an epic profile


  • that lies at the south of Spain.


  • Just a 3-hour flight from London,

    距離倫敦只有 3 個小時的航程

  • it is a tiny slice of the British Empire


  • with a heroic colonial history and 300 days of sunshine each year.

    伴隨著英勇的殖民歷史和 每年長達 300 天的充沛陽光

  • Although it covers less than 3 square miles,

    雖然佔地不到 3 平方英里

  • Gibraltar's strategic location has made it one of the most fought over places in Europe.

    但直布羅陀的戰略位置,卻使其成為 歐洲爭奪最激烈的地點之一

  • For centuries, it has withstood political manoeuvring,

    數世紀以來 直布羅陀抵擋過政治鬥爭

  • sieges and battles,


  • and today with its red phone boxes, Union Jacks and high street shops,

    而今日,直布羅陀街上林立紅色電話亭 英國米字國旗和高級街頭商店

  • Gibraltar staunchly stands as a small pocket of England

    位於地中海心臟地帶的直布羅陀 仍是屹立不搖的

  • in the heart of the Mediterranean.


  • No matter where you go here,


  • the Rock of Gibraltar looms large.


  • Take the cable car right to the top of this 1,400 foot high limestone ridge

    您可以搭乘纜車到這座 1400 英呎高的石灰岩山頂

  • and enjoy the spectacular views; south,


  • across the Strait of Gibraltar to the African coastline,

    跨越直布羅陀海峽 就會抵達非洲海岸線

  • and north to Spain.


  • According to legend, this is where Hercules separated Europe from Africa

    據說,大力士海格力斯就是在這裡 把歐洲從非洲大陸分離開來

  • and the cliffs on each side were once known as the Pillars of Hercules.

    巨巖兩邊的懸崖,還曾被稱為 海格力斯之柱

  • If the Rock of Gibraltar is famous around the world,

    如果直布羅陀巨巖 全球聞名

  • so are its residents,


  • the Barbary Macaques that have lived here for centuries.

    巴巴利獼猴 名氣也不遑多讓

  • Visitors flock here to watch the antics of the only population of wild monkeys in Europe.

    巴巴利獼猴是歐洲唯一的野生猴群 吸引旅客到此,觀賞牠們耍猴戲

  • Be warned though, they can be light fingered


  • if they think there are treats to be enjoyed.


  • It is said that, as long as the monkeys remain on the rock,

    相傳 只要巨巖上的巴巴利獼猴還在

  • so will the British.


  • It's a legend, born during one of the longest sieges in history

    這個傳說可追溯至一場 史上歷時最長的圍攻行動

  • when the French and Spanish tried unsuccessfully to take Gibraltar by force

    18 世紀,法國和西班牙 遲遲無法強行攻下直布羅陀

  • during four bloody years in the 18th century.


  • The way locals tell it,


  • at least one surprise attack during the siege was thwarted by the monkeys

    當時至少有一場突襲 遭到獼猴群阻撓

  • who alerted the night watch to the invaders with their commotion.

    獼猴以騷動向夜哨兵示警 告知有敵軍入侵

  • Take a tour through the great siege tunnels built during this time.

    您可以參觀當時建造的這座 大圍攻坑道

  • They remain one of the most impressive feats of military engineering

    這些坑道至今仍是最令人印象深刻的 軍事工程之一

  • and helped the English to a seemingly impossible victory.

    幫助英國人取得這場 看似不可能的勝利

  • Using only hand tools and gunpowder,

    當時有 18 名男子,只靠著雙手和火藥

  • 18 men dug this 82 foot tunnel in less than 5 weeks to provide access to the rock's north face.

    在五週內,挖了這條 82 英尺長的隧道 讓軍隊得以進入巨巖的北坡

  • From this position, they were able to fire onto enemy lines and hold off the invaders.

    從這個位置,軍隊就能夠向敵軍開火 同時阻擋敵人入侵

  • Discover more stories of battle and bravery with a tour of the Military Heritage Centre,

    要了解更多戰役和英勇故事 不妨前往隧道入口附近,

  • a former artillery battery near the entrance to the tunnels.

    參觀前身為砲台的 軍事遺產中心博物館

  • Here, you'll find relics from the great siege,

    在這裡,您會發現 大圍攻的遺跡

  • as well as a Memorial Chamber which pays tribute


  • to all those who gave their lives in defence of Gibraltar over the centuries.

    向數個世紀以來,為了捍衛直布羅陀 而奉獻生命的人致敬

  • During the second world war,


  • the Mediterranean became a main theatre of war and Gibraltar again became a key target.

    地中海成為主要戰場 直布羅陀再次成為主要目標

  • To withstand the attacks,


  • almost all the civilians were evacuated and more than 30 more miles of tunnels were built,

    市民幾乎全數撤離 並鑿挖了 30 多英里的隧道

  • creating an underground city beneath the rock.


  • Hike to the Moorish Castle,


  • a medieval fortification which is one of the most recognised features of the rock.

    這座中世紀的防禦工事城堡 是巨巖最廣為人知的特色景點之一

  • The Union Jack you'll see flying from the tower


  • was first raised in 1704 and has flown proudly ever since.

    自 1704 年首次升起後, 便一直威武地飄揚著

  • A short walk downhill is St Michael's Cave,


  • a network of limestone caves that has fascinated visitors since roman times.

    自羅馬時期以來, 錯綜交織的石灰岩洞穴吸引許多遊客

  • Carved by thousands of years of rainwater,


  • this cave once believed to be bottomless,


  • is open to visitors and is a dramatic backdrop for concerts, ballets and theatre performances.

    這座洞穴現在開放給遊客, 也經常舉辦音樂會、芭蕾和戲劇表演

  • For another dramatic backdrop, visit the very southern tip of Gibraltar.

    另一個深具戲劇性的景點 位於直布羅陀的最南邊

  • Here, you'll find the Europa Point Lighthouse with its classically British design,

    在這裡,可以看到古典英式風格的 歐洲之角燈塔

  • as well as the Ibrahim-Al-Ibrahim Mosque,


  • one of the largest mosques in a non-muslim country.


  • Gibraltar's cultural blend is truly unique


  • and nowhere is this more evident than along Main Street.

    而最能完整體現這項特色的 非直布羅陀主街莫屬

  • Almost every building here was destroyed during the great siege

    大圍攻時期, 幾乎所有建築都慘遭破壞

  • and it has been rebuilt over the centuries,


  • creating a streetscape like no other.


  • Stroll to the northern end to Grand Casemates Square


  • and the Old Town which dates back to medieval times.

    以及舊城區 在中世紀時期

  • Once this was the site of hangings,


  • but today, it is a thriving hub of pubs, bars and restaurants

    但今日, 這裡已是夜店、酒吧和餐館林立的繁華地區

  • and a great place to relax with a pint of lager.


  • From English pints to Spanish paella,


  • historic battles to cheeky monkeys,


  • Gibraltar's magic lies in its unexpected mix of the familiar and the exotic

    直布羅陀的魅力,就是以意想不到的方式 巧妙融合異國情調與當地文化

  • a small taste of England right in the heart of the Mediterranean.

    在地中海的心臟地帶, 展現直布羅陀特有的英式風味

Gibraltar is a small peninsula with an epic profile



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