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  • Hi everybody, my new book is coming this year in October. Yay! (laughs)

    嗨~大家 我的新書在今年的十月要出囉!耶~~~

  • For more than two years


  • I've been working on this cookbook every day and night! I had to do this!


  • Now all my fruit, all my recipes are coming!

    現在 我的所有食譜就要出版囉

  • This book is very huge, much bigger than my first cookbook

    這本書非常的厚 比我的第一本書還要厚許多

  • 150 recipes that's why the title of this book is Maangchi's Big Book of Korean Cooking

    150道食譜 這就是為什麼書名叫Maangchi的韓式料理大書

  • I focused on user-friendly.


  • I thought about you. Anybody who already knows about Korean cooking or

    我站在你們的方向思考 任何已經知道如何料理韓食或

  • a beginner. "I never heard about Korean cooking

    一個初學者 我從來沒有聽過料理韓食

  • "But I want to learn."


  • All of you guys can learn. I tried to make a user friendly book. At the beginning of the book

    你們大家都可以學 我試著去做出一本方便使用的書 在這本書一開始

  • you will see a big huge section on grocery shopping. "I'm following Maangchi!" or "Maangchi's right next to me!"

    你會看到食材購買的大標題 我要遵循Maangchi!或Maangchi就在我身旁

  • This kind of book I wanted to make. "Oh my friends are coming over this weekend!"

    這就是我想做的類型的書 喔!我的朋友們這周末要來我家玩

  • "We are going to have a big party. Maangchi has any party food ideas?"

    我們要舉辦一個大派對 Maangchi你有任何派對食物清單嗎?

  • Of course I have a party food section.


  • "BBQ? Korean barbecue?" Meat section. "Any delicious seafood?" You can come and read this.

    烤肉?韓式烤肉?肉類 任何好吃的海鮮? 你可以讀這本書

  • Lunch box, Korean dosirak.


  • I can make whole one book because I used to make these lunch boxes for my family for decades.

    我可以做成一整本書 因為我為了家人做了好幾十年這些午餐盒

  • I want to hear that all you guys are happy when you make this food. If you preorder my book you

    我希望聽到你們在做這些食物時很開心 如果你們預購我的書

  • are going to get some gift. Korean grocery store shopping list.

    你們將會得到禮物 韓國購物清單

  • You can print or put it on your phone. It's going to be very useful in the Korean grocery store.

    你們可以列印或放在手機裡 這會對你們非常有幫助在購買韓國食物上

  • It's in Korean, English, Romanization


  • Very concise concise words. What to choose! Where to go! (laughs)

    非常簡潔的字 該選擇什麼!該去哪裡!(哈哈)

  • Anybody all around the world, you pre-ordered my book and you come to

    世界各地的人 你預購了我的書你就可以到

  • (laughs)哈哈)

  • You will see that all information about how to get the gift.


  • So if you already preordered, don't forget your receipt and then you can claim it there.

    所以如果你已經預購 別忘記你的收據 然後你可以在這裡索取你的禮物

  • And also there will be a limited number signed the books available.


  • My website has a list of the bookstores where you can find my signed books


  • But be sure this is the limited a number


  • I already finished my signatures. When I signed on each book

    我已經完成我的簽名 當我在簽每本書時

  • I just gave all you guys "Happy cooking. Happy cooking." (laughs)

    我寫給每個人 "開心料理 開心料理"(哈哈)

  • First-come first-served. So just hurry up! I'm so excited about this book.

    先到先得 所以快點! 我超期待這本書的

  • All the people who surround me, my publisher, writer, my agent

    所有在我身邊的人 我的出版社,作家,我的代理商

  • Everybody helping me, all together, we worked so hard.


  • I really want to see that you guys are using my recipes and then just

    我真的很想看到你們大家使用我的食譜書 然後

  • living your happy life with my cookbook.


  • Okay. See you next time! Bye!

    Ok 下次再見! 掰~

Hi everybody, my new book is coming this year in October. Yay! (laughs)

嗨~大家 我的新書在今年的十月要出囉!耶~~~


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A2 初級 中文 料理 清單 預購 韓式 禮物 食物

我的新烹飪書要來了! (My new cookbook is coming!)

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