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  • Hi, I'm Cynthia Phelps,

  • Principal Viola of the New York Philharmonic,

  • and I'm here to speak a little bit about Mahler's Tenth Symphony,

  • his final composition.

  • Mahler was not in good health when he started this last work of his.

  • He had heart failure,

  • he was afraid his wife was having an affair,

  • he, mentally, was just in a very anguished place.

  • And this first movement,

  • which is a movement that he did complete,

  • starts with a viola section solo.

  • Very bleak,

  • sort of recitative-like,

  • and it goes like this.

  • This tune comes back several times during the first movement.

  • I'll play you another example where it's similar melodic material,

  • but there's sort of an anguished cry in the middle of it,

  • before it simmers back down into the texture of the orchestra.

  • We're very lucky to have this version of Mahler's Tenth today.

  • It was put together in the late 1950s

  • by a British Late Romantic authority

  • named Deryck Cooke.

  • And he, along with Alma Mahler,

  • Mahler's widow,

  • worked together very closely to flesh out the bare-bones draft

  • that Mahler had left.

  • And the Deryck Cooke version is what we play today.

  • It's a beautiful piece.

  • We hope you enjoy it and we miss you. We'll be back. Thanks so much.

Hi, I'm Cynthia Phelps,


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我們是NY Phil @ Home:辛西婭-菲爾普斯在馬勒10號中提琴旋律開場曲中的表現。 (We Are NY Phil @ Home: Cynthia Phelps on the Viola Melody Opening Mahler 10)

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