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  • - Let's go!

  • - Let's go!

  • (gentle guitar strumming)

  • (Eef gasping)

  • - You found one?

  • Wow.

  • I read this post about hanging rainbows

  • in front of our windows for the kids

  • to have something to do while you were walking outside.

  • Honestly, I was like,

  • "Oh my god, this is gonna be such a lifesaver."

  • Because I was struggling so bad.

  • The only thing basically she want to do is go

  • for the playground, because she's used to that.

  • What was supposed to be a nice walk

  • and a change of scenery outside became this massive struggle

  • and then, okay, let's create rainbows.

  • We made this kind of daily routine now,

  • where we're gonna search for the rainbows outside

  • and what I always do is I open my phone,

  • I show her the rainbow map.

  • Are we gonna search for rainbows?

  • - [Eef's Daughter] Yes.

  • - [Anna] People thought it would be really cool

  • if we could find a way to track where all the rainbows were.

  • I said, "Oh, I know how to do that, this is so much fun."

  • I also opened the map publicly

  • so people could add their address

  • and their pinned rainbow directly on the map as well.

  • One of the great things that happened is

  • somebody figured out how to make a little rainbow icon

  • and use that as their pin for their location,

  • and when I saw it, I got so excited,

  • I changed everybody's to rainbows.

  • (euphoric music)

  • Today we have nearly 3,500 rainbows,

  • and those rainbows are all over the world now.

  • They're in the US, they're in Europe, Africa, India,

  • South America, New Zealand.

  • We just got our first Russian rainbow too.

  • I don't think there's ever been a time in our world

  • where we've all, as individuals, been going through

  • such a similar experience,

  • and this is a way of showing that,

  • of putting our hearts out there and saying,

  • "Yeah, I get it.

  • "I'm there too."

  • This is a way to add a little lightness, I think,

  • for a lot of parents to what's going on

  • and this has been really wonderful

  • and making me feel like I'm still connected to everyone.

  • (inspirational music)

- Let's go!


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用Google My Maps繪製彩虹 (Mapping Rainbows with Google My Maps)

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