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  • and our reporting continues on small businesses across the country today.

  • Another desperate scramble to get help from the P P P program and some trouble on the website didn't help Mary Bruce.

  • Tonight.

  • The race is on for small businesses to apply for a new round of government funding, but already it's off to a rocky start.

  • The online loan application process today.

  • Plagued with technical problems, the $310 billion is expected to go quickly.

  • There's already a massive backlog.

  • After the first round of funding ran dry in just 13 days in California, comic bookstore owner Joe Field has been trying for weeks to get a loan.

  • Tonight, he tells us he's still waiting.

  • The funding is gonna help pay for some of the expenses that we've incurred through this, and but it's not gonna get anywhere close to paying for all the losses that we've incurred.

  • But many bigger companies have been able to get funding like Ruth's, Chris Steakhouse, Shake Shack and Sweetgreen.

  • With outrage growing, they've given the money back today, the L.

  • A Lakers announced when they learned the original fund had been depleted.

  • They returned the $4.6 million they were given.

  • Now, experts tell us this fund could run out of money again within a week.

  • And we are already seeing calls from some of the nation's top banks for Congress to fully fund and expand this program if they want to have any hope of meeting this huge demand.

  • David.

  • All right, Mary and I know you'll stay up.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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and our reporting continues on small businesses across the country today.


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小企業第二輪申請期間貸款網站崩潰 (Loans website crashes during 2nd round of applications for small businesses)

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