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  • I think it it can.

  • How many believe were more than just friends way Gate way, Theo Problem.

  • I'm dreaming away thinking it hero's true exes.

  • Try watching today.

  • You see, I'm a fool, Okay?

  • Just so my senses is just so typical me again.

  • Play with your way.

  • Way Um a chip.

  • You were more than just a baby.

  • Seem like a Did you think you see My problem is this makes you dreaming away way, way I think conceded king way more than just a baby Ate my way You see my problem?

  • This I'm dreaming way What?

I think it it can.


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三首不同的翻唱《哎呀!...我在好聲音中又做了一次|誰唱得最好?#8 (Three WILDLY different covers of Oops!... I Did It Again in The Voice | Who sings it best? #8)

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